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Fanboy Friday: Turbo Nerd Edition

8:00 PM on 01.08.2010 // Aerox

I was happily browsing the internet this morning, taking a look at some regular game forums to see what people were talking about. I was expecting a lot of trash talking about Bayonetta, but I was surprised when the big thread of the day on one particular board was someone claiming that Darksiders is better on the PS3 than on the 360.

I couldn't imagine better fanboy bait, and, true to form, I wasn't disappointed.

Well, actually, I was incredibly disappointed (in humanity), but for the purposes of this column it was really exciting.

Hit the jump to see what went down.

It all started yesterday, when some decided to publicly announce that the 360 version was inferior.

So much for all multiplats being better on 360. LOL

The arguments being made are that the 360 version has screen tearing (which is true). The first response from the 360 fans is to dismiss Darksiders and announce that a different game is better.

360 gets the much better version of Bayonetta.
Bayonetta >>>> Darksiders anyday.

Screen tearing? What screen tearing? I can't even SEE it!

I honestly don't even notice tearing anymore. I only notice it when my wife asks why the screen cut in half like that?

A 360 fanboy uses the news that the 360 version of Darksiders is getting patched as ammo...

just confirmed a patch to fix the 360 screen tearing is coming out soon. Then without a doubt the 360 version will be superior like it should have been from launch. We all know ps3 is sooo powerful mere mortal developers cant harness the power...yet!

...but he walks right into a trap!

So will that patch fix the slowdown in the 360 version? Yeah that's what I thought. PS3 superior version confirmed still!

As always, a ridiculous comparison fight eventually breaks out, with people throwing the names of multi-platform titles around and claiming that their console is better.

I'll tell you another game that is superior on the PS3... GTA IV.

In response to the GTA statement above, one guy makes this argument. My question to him is "Why the hell do you own two copies of the game?"

I have both versions in my household, and the framerate on the 360 version holds up MUCH better than on the PS3.

A few Sony fans aren't clear why there's a fight at all -- every game on the PS3 is always superior.

Well of course it's better on the PS3. Can't wait to see the MSDF scramble their console warriors to intercept this topic and inundate it with their lie, hate speech, and hyperbole.

You know how I know that the PS3 is better? Because PS2 and Xbox.

I owned a PS2 and Xbox last gen and there was often a huge difference between multiplats'. Textures were worse, as were frame-rates (MGS2 on xbox), hell sometimes entire levels were choped up and re-sorted to get the game running on the different hardware.

As people are fighting over the game, someone happened to mention that they felt the game was more than just an action game. EXCUSE me? This guy over here watched a trailer...I'm pretty sure he has a better idea than you do.

So wait... is it you folks' contention that Darksiders is more than just an action game? Because it certainly doesn't seem like it from the videos....

A few people, naturally, start arguing about the scores. People bring out the usual contention that the reviews are copy/pasted, but one guy comes in with some solid evidence to prove that the PS3 version is leaps and bounds better than the 360 one.

GF rating - 9.0
GameRankings - 8.6

GF - 9.1
GameRankings - 8.7

You just lost all validity, since they are clearly not scored the same.

Technically, he's right, but come on. 0.1? REALLY?

In a different argument, one guy is making all sorts of ridiculous claims about the PS3 version, most of which are patently untrue. When called on this, and asked if he even owns a PS3, or if he's even played the games he's talking about on them, he comes up with this witty avoidance tactic.

I don't jump and answer questions from trash. So please hold your breath in anticipation of my answer.

What's a fanboy battle without some fights about graphics? This argument carries extra weight because COGNITIVE SCIENCE. (Note: It doesn't take a masters degree to notice the difference between 30 and 60 frames per second.)

PS will always be the home for those who love Jaggies. Ever play Uncharted 2 in 1080p on a 52 inch TV? JAGGIES. 360 games like Gears of War 2 scale VERY well to 1080p in comparison. Though, IMO, Uncharted 2 720p looks better than Gears of War 2 1080p, which looks better than Uncharted 2 1080p.

I can even notice difference between 60fps and 30fps. I am, after all, working on a masters in Cognitive Science. You'd be surprised how hard it is to capture smooth animation at 60fps as opposed to 30fps. Another cut corner for Uncharted 2.

Oh yeah? MY copy doesn't have any.

Uncharted 2 with jaggies? not on my game. 32 inch hd tv with 1080p and this game looks a hell of a lot better than gears 2 in every single way. I have both games so I can judge.

Oh YEAH? Well you just have a stupid TV.

32 inches will do that to you.

The smaller, the more hidden they are. I am also going to assume that you bootleg AA, by turning the sharpness all the way down? I try to keep mine at a realistic setting, so the screen doesn't look like I am looking at it through some sort of hazy screen.

I keep my sharpness at 50, the game runs at its native 720p (seeing as keeping it on 1080p actually downconverts it to 480p which shows even more jaggies,) and I notice jaggies quite a bit. Especially on scenes like the opening, where the shrub on the huts glitter.

Cancer is a very serious matter and I am extremely offended someone would mention it on a message board.

The XBOX 360 is a cancer to gaming...It's mere presence has caused nothing but problems because it's essentially dumbed everything down. The PS3 is better because it's an actual CONSOLE and NOT a crummy PC in a can + a lawnmower that the 360 is...The PS3 has actual well designed exclusives, utility (blue-ray) , and most importantly of all it's free service and therefore is a true supplement to gaming. Unlike the XBOX Live which you have to pay for and thus chains you to the system because the less you are using the more money you are wasting. And is utterly worthless because it's completely redundant with a decent PC. AND as I already mentioned it's presence radiates terrible game design like some evil artifact.

Oh SNAP. You just got told by the other guy on the video game message board while you were arguing about anti-aliasing!

Anyone using terms like 4xFSAA and 16xFSAA seriously just come across looking like a turbo nerd who nitpicks over every little thing in a video game. Good luck getting a date with a chick any time in the next 10 years bro.

It was at this point that I realized that not a single person besides the first few posts was actually talking about Darksiders. Everything was about GTA or Bayonetta -- I guess I got the Bayonetta arguing I was looking for after all. By the end, the same points were being rehashed, and people gave up on insulting each other, so I gave up on reading it. Oh well.

I do want to end with a massive flamebait comment, but one that's also genuinely funny, and I'm sure will piss a lot of people off once they read it. And, if all these people hate all these consoles so much, maybe it's actually partially true.

Well, it seems that game design this gen (for all consoles) is so poor that the console makers were at least gracious enough to provide us with the fuel for our own entertainment.

Oh, so true. (At least the entertainment part.)

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