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Fanboy Friday: Keep it real PUNKS!

6:40 PM on 10.09.2009 // Aerox

My new addiction this week has been Demon's Souls. It's so difficult, but so rewarding. Last night I actually fell asleep playing it because I stayed up too late, and by falling asleep I ran myself off the edge of a tower and lost all my souls, and it was FUN.

The reviews are pretty overwhelmingly positive, and for a good reason: Demon's Souls is one of the best games that's come out this year (at least I think it is.) What does this mean for N4G? 

A whole bunch of bickering between 360 and PS3 fanboys!

Surprisingly, the comments in the actual review were generally pretty nice. People talked about the game, how much fun it was, and aside from a few assholes the discussion was genial. On N4G though, it was a different story.

When this is the first uncensored comment, you know what's coming up.

Ahhh, Haters owned, Another AAA for the Ps3, Rachet is up next. 

I've talked before about how I think 'AAA' is a stupid term, and this is exactly why. A huge fight pops up over what AAA actually means, and which console has the best ones.

Wow, so far 2 AAA exclusives in ONE month. That's more than the failbox has gotten the whole year. R&C are next. Go insomniac!

Forza3 9.4 = Demonsouls 9.4
Halo3 ODST 9.0
GTA IV: The Lost and Damned 9.0
3 AAAs Right there
Now spin Droid 

You forgot InFamous, which happened to outscore those two so-called fun awesome games you listed. You're grasping at straws when you list a milked multiplat like L4D2 or DLC like Gay Tony LOL. 5 PS3 retail games compared to 3 360 retail games (consisting of one AAA). Checkmate...just because IGN says its AAA doesn't mean it's AAA in the end. If that's the case, since IGN gave InFamous a 9.2, it's AAA. You wanna go down that route? That's what I thought...Your retardedness never ceases to amaze me, but then again, you're an xbot. It's expected.

What's the metascore of ODST again? Damn straight, it's 84. Not AAA. What about Demon's Souls? 90 or 91. That's AAA. If you insist that ODST is AAA, then so is InFamous because it scored higher than it. Oh and we count full games, not DLCs. Even ODST is a bit of a stretch.

We've got ODST (Not AAA, but awesome game), Halo Wars (Not AAA, but also an awesome game), L4D2 (AAA), Forza 3 (AAA), Episodes from Liberty City (AAA). So I guess it's going to end up being a tie. You guys got Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Demon Soul's, and R&C. So 5 exclusive Xbox games, 4 exclusive PS3 games. Also, before you PS3tards start saying, "LOL halo warz and ODST iz stupid gaems!" they got an average of 80%+ which a lot of your exclusives can't even pull off. Oh and our exclusive XBLA games are great.  

As always, we have people who want to make sure that everyone knows that they OWN BOTH CONSOLES so there is no way they could be fanboys.

This comment need only apply to the hardcore xbox fanboys. I have both consoles so it doesn't matter to me but if I had to choose I swear that I would choose to have Demon's SOuls over all those xbox exclusives combined

I have both a PS3 and a 360 I have no predilection but only a moron would say that the 360 has enough good stuff this year to even rival what PS3 has

Then people get into a fight about whether ODST and Ballad of Gay Tony are even allowed to be counted, because they're 'expansions' and not 'real games'.

Halo ODST and the balad of gay tony are EXPANSIONS they might be much more of what usually understand by expansions but they're not full, brand new games...there hasn't been a game that raised the bar technically on the 360 since gears 2 almost a year ago and from the look of alan wake, splinter cell or mass effect 2 it doesn't look that's going to change anytime soon and I'm starting to wonder if we will ever see a game on 360 with better graphics than gears 2. the 360 had a great start but its running out of gas halfway through the race and you know it.

Liberty Cities is a standalone game so it's not really a DLC you stupid PS3tard.

One guy decides to just list the games he's excited for on the PS3, without mentioning any other systems or making any comparisons. Guess the response.

MLB 09 The Show
Demon Souls
Uncharted 2
Gran Turismo psp
Motorstorm Artic
and today's latest Bluray Releases.
Life is Grand: ) 

And with all that, the PS3 is still in dead last place, 7.5 million units behind the 360 with sales settling back down to normal, and already back below the 360 in the US.

the ps3 is now out selling the 360 in USA only one week after halo was released. 

These comments didn't really fit with any theme or trend, so I'm dumping them here at the end instead of ending with anything particularly witty or insightful.

It is a damn WRAP! PS3, regardless of sales, is putting out the best games! Uncharted 2 is GOTY and there is nothing on the crapbox this year or last, or before that, that can compete with Among Thieves. Keep it real PUNKS!

And suddenly the days of Sony's dominance are returning! The AAAs just keep on coming and by this time next year, Sony will have the vast majority of AAA exclusive games on the market. I can't believe PS3 has been out for almost 3 years and we haven't seen a Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, God of War, Twisted Metal, Kingdom Hearts, Team Ico game or Tekken (although that's coming soon). Sony has consistently outsold the Xbox 360 in the same time frame without all of those key franchises. They have mostly relied on NEW IPs like Infamous, Heavenly Sword, Demon's Souls, and others. I am starting to believe that Sony may be invincible. I mean where would the Xbox 360 have been without Forza or Halo? ...EXACTLY

So, are you guys ok with IGN now? You know, since they've put aside their bias for an hour to rate a ps3 game highly, and all? 

Heheh one can imagine if the score would hve been a point lower the droids would have come in shouting end of iGN and MS consipiracies.

All this over Demon's Souls. I do have to say, looking at the comments in the general discussion versus the 'open discussion', there might be something to be said for internet censorship after all.  

If you made it all the way to the end, here's your reward. An unrelated-to-Demon's-Souls video of a kid and his thoughts on Brutal Legend. Enjoy!

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