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Fanboy Friday: Cult of Denial edition

7:00 PM on 03.05.2010 // Aerox

As I'm sure most of you remember, earlier this week the Playstation 3 suffered a little accident. At the time, people were understandably upset. You also might remember that a lot of the 360 fanboys were having a field day, claiming that this incident was the equivalent of the RROD. The internet was an obnoxious place (well, moreso than usual) for most of this week.

One guy, a diehard PS3 owner and huge fan of the system, decided to post a relatively rational video on YouTube talking about how upset he was with the situation and how he hoped Sony would fix it soon. Unsurprisingly, this didn't go over well with anyone.

Hit the jump.

If you weren't one of the people who were affected by this glitch, you might not appreciate the gravity of the situation. Allow this guy to explain exactly what was happening with people's non-slim PS3s.

you can loss your dater fuck

Now that you all realize just how serious this was, we can see how people handled it. First, we get a wild conspiracy theory:

heh, I think I know what sony is thinking, they do that on purpose so people wouldn't buy the fat anymore and make people hate it so no1 would complain once they stop making the fat ps3s' that is it, i think. businessmen do anything.

There are also people who think that Sony owes them a lot of money/services to fix this. One guy suggests that Sony should give everyone 75% off on all games. Others don't have anything specific in mind, they just think Sony should give them something.

I agree man this is bullshit we shouldn't have to worry about losing all this stuff like trophies memory etc.  I also paid an arm and a fucking leg for my ps3 and i got home from a hard day at school and wanna game mw2 online...this is a fucking load of shit fuck you sony re-emburse us

Most of the comments though, were 360 fans coming in to bash the PS3. It starts with simple non-substantial insults.

haha i hope your ps3 stays broken faggot!

Delightful. Then we get into some more technical arguments. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of equations to the RROD going on.

Fanboy 1: 

And this is why you should get an Xbox.

Fanboy 2:

and after 3 red rings of death on 3 different x boxes... I'll take my chances with the ps3.

Fanboy 3:

what r u talking about??? i do own a 360, but with LIVE we don't have issues like these... once i had a problem with my 360's disk trey and two weeks after i sent in my 360 to get it fixed, i got a brand new Elite X360 in the mail with a note from Microsoft apologizing for inconveniencing me... now that was good customer service... lets see how Sony deals with this problem...

Fanboy 4:

yet you forget the costs of a fucking pay for the system, controller battery packs, new batteries, wireless connector, live, must I say more???

Fanboy 5:

exactally....XBox is a waste of hahahha we should make a collaborative video about how come the XBox sucks, if you wanna do that feel free to :D

Speaking of RRODs, if you're going to bring it up, it makes you look slightly less stupid if you can actually spell RROD right.

Fanboy 1: 

everyone switch to xbox 360 SONY=FAIL

Fanboy 2: 

fuck u xbox fan boy with your rrof ha ha rrof

Fanboy 3: 

its rrod dude learn to spell or go to school

With all the PS3 bashing going on, you can't expect there not to be counter-arguments.

Fanboy 1: 

dude i feel u bro. im with u.. i cant even use my game disks. now that suks!! im fukin going Crazy just like u. i bought heavy rain too. & yes that suks. because we cant play it! im maken a video about we all go on strike. this 24 hr thing... Yes i agree XBOX SUKS. I CAN DO A FUKN 360 DUNK ON THOSE FAG NUBS!! FUK U XBOX. Yo hit me up on psn.

Fanboy 2: 

lol, and what ACTUALLY fun games do you have for your ps3? all the ps3 is about is graphics, no fun games.

Fanboy 3: 

lol you fail at the simple fact the ps3 is not all about graphics if you are a 360 fantard just fuck off you are not welcome here you closed minded little faggot

Fanboy 4: 

lol true mad halo fuck that peace of shit 360

You also can't expect there not to be some mention of Heavy Rain or Modern Warfare 2. I still don't understand the MW2 stuff, since it's a multi-platform game..

Fanboy 1:

Heavy Rain is so fuking borring da fuck is the action at.

Fanboy 2: 

stop playing mw2 and get a sense of what a real game is, faget

Here, we see the classic "I know I brought this up in the first place, but now that someone's challenged me I'm going to tell them to stop caring so much. WHAT A NERD!" move.

Fanboy 1:

HAHAHAHA  ps3 fails

Fanboy 2:

that means 360 fails harder i realy liked the 2 week XBL downtime that was real fun ;)

Fanboy 1:

 i dont remember that sorry i guess i dont really care as much as you peeps

What's funny about this exchange is the guy claiming the other dude is in a "cult of denial", because the PSN crash obviously didn't affect any single player games. 

Fanboy 1:

no1 should make fun of any system after this bullshit. i own both. make fun of RROD all u want. ill just look at this bull thats happenin with PS3. and if they fix it tomorrow so be it, it still happened.

Fanboy 2:

ya right, the complete dead of a console is on the same level as a temporary incpacity to connect trhough the online service for 24 hours, what a joke

Fanboy 3:

dude, thats not the case... my Phat PS3 froze when i tried to play Uncharted2 or MW2..  so problem is more then just connecting to an online service

Fanboy 2:

Alright, we will trust you Magneto even you were bashing the PS3 with complete bullshit, what a joke. If it's a PSN problem, it won't affect your Single Player experience because there is no needs to be online for this purpose except the update that have already been made a long time ago. Try harder you're a joke, fuckin' cult of denial

Fanboy 3:

no man, i think you're the joke.. you're just mad cuz u didn't think this problem was possible on the PS3....

Fanboy 2:

You're a joke cause you think to know what I'm thinking, and this is a big joke. You were bashing me ? Yeah right, bashing someone that use truth and facts only that can put the opinions on the side like you can't do. You're such in denial

While I don't think I would ever take it as far as most of the people in this thread, I DO think people have a right to be upset when their game console randomly stops working for no reason. One fanboy, though, thinks it's totally unreasonable to be upset at Sony in even the slightest.
One day without your games? Stop fucking crying, you dumbass!! Do you cry when there is construction in your neighborhood and there may be a detour, too? Shit happens. Read a fucking book!!! Go outside for a walk!!! And if Sony knew, they would have said something or fixed it with an update. You in your little fucking hole judging a multibillion dollar company? Whatever, loser
Finally, i want to leave you with this totally garbled mess. I have no idea what's going on here, nor am I going to spend the effort to try to decipher what this idiot is saying.
how is slim shit you faggot shut your mouth now u sily twat you can smell the shit from your mouth through my screen xbox bashers this is a error thats been fixed, you hearing news like this about the ps3 is like a prozy getin her next client dripin wet over easy earnt cash, shut the fuk up you xbox fukin fags you dnt knw shit ur console has RROD! STILL! the console is fukin shit, ps3 has a slight error and u all get hard on over it, your all bunch of dickless pricks who teabags your own xbox
That's all for this week. Do you think you can guess what next week is going to be about? (Hint: 720 vs. 576)

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