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Fanboy Friday: Blueway Edition

7:00 PM on 12.04.2009 // Aerox

So, this one website has been doing comparison videos between the 360 and PS3. They've broken up the whole series into sections, such as one about games, one about CPUs, etc. So far it's been pretty balanced, with each console "winning" an equal number of videos.

The fifth video, while a couple weeks old, was just put up on YouTube yesterday. The theme was GPUs. Since yesterday, there have been over 800 comments of people whining, bickering, and acting like jackasses.

Hit the jump for the video and the responses.

First, here's the video. YouTube embedding is disabled, so you'll have to watch on the original website.

Got that out of the way? Good. Here we go.

Right of the bat, people start throwing around game names and insults.

X box bitches Gears of War 2 top that playstation huhuhHAHAHA

Since Gears was the first game brought up, it's the game that gets fixated on. People almost immediately erupt into a fight about graphics.

uncharted prooves ps3 has better graphics so fuck ps3 haters


GOW 2 has better graphics.

We get the "I have both consoles" early on this time. This one starts a very long and particularly nasty string of comments.

hmmm iam a ps3 fan but i agree xbox 360 games look better ^^


woah faggot
look at MGS4 and UC2
2 games 360 will NEVER run

360 rebuttal?

woah faggot
look at HALO3 and GOW
2 games ps3 wil NEVER run

Uh oh, someone mentioned Halo!

Well both God of War and Gears of War are horrible games so this comparison is a shitty one. Try comparing GOOD games...... and don't try using Halo 3 its possibly one of the worst games on any console EVER...the story is boring, the handling is shit the graphics look like something you would download off of XBL, It was also one of the big games that started the crap trend of games being more concerned about ONLINE play than the actual game and story.

Another PS3 owner doesn't really grasp the original argument, and is offended because he thinks someone implied that Halo 3 was too advanced to run on a PS3.

WTF are you talking about? Halo 3 can easily be run on PS3, because Halo 3 isn't a graphic intensive game and doesn't look good compared 2 PS3 exclusives. PS3 can also run Gears 2, because majority of 3rd party games run on Unreal Engine 3 and don't forget UT3 is on PS3 which is the using the same fucking engine as Gears 2.

A 360 owner, possibly concerned that his side is losing a graphics argument, tries to switch the focus.

who cares about graphics
ps3s are for nerds who play alone
you cant even talk when you're on different games LOL

Not only does he get a smackdown, he's unsuccessful.

i see no point and reason to talk to other guys on the internet...yeah...that means your pretty queer

While the Halo guy earlier missed the boat, the graphics discussion actually does turn into an "X console sucks too much to run Y game!" argument a bit later in the thread.

gran turismo 5, a 360 CANT run that game

That's right! It's a brief GT versus Forza fight!

who cares? forza 3 looks good and is the most realistic racing game, i don't think gt is going to top that

Sadly, someone comes up with the ultimate irrefutable argument, and this discussion is ended as swiftly as it began.

Lol, funny that the cars doesnt even have metallic painting whilst in gran turismo 5 prologue has.

Having talked about exclusives, the talk about games finally dies out with a brief comment on multi-platform games.

multiplats look better on the 3shitty because the dame was made on the 3shitty first then blasted to the ps3.they need to make it on the ps3 then blast it to the 3shitty oh i forgot they cant cause the 3shitty sucks and cant run ps3 games.lolol

Enough about games! Let's talk about price!

$400 for this shit fuck you PS3

Uh oh! Looks like someone didn't get the memo about the PS3 price drop!

Yes it does cock smoke. 360 elite cost $299. . . PS3 slim cost $299. . . Both have a 120gb HDD so take your bullshit somewhere else you pole smoking cum guzzler. . . Also, all 360 models except the Elite have been discontinued. SO that means that once all the arcades have been sold there are going to be no more. Only elites. . . And guess what. PS3 comes with built in wifi. You gotta pay $69.99 to get wifi for 360. So you actually save money dumbass. . .

We can't have a console war without red rings.

no point owning a Xbox they just fucking break down every 5 minutes and and show off to you their shiny red rings lol and microsoft support sucks

This next series of comments is a nice segue into discussing the online capabilities of each.
We start with someone talked about how Xbox Live is better than "PS3 Live"

fuck ps3 !!!! xbox 360 rules no game in ps3 uld beat gears of wars and you guys will never have that game and will never have more fun than us playing live xbox live is better than ps3 live lol!!!!!!! dont hate ps3 fans!!!

Remember how we established that the PS3 and 360 cost the same? This guy forgot already.

uncharted 2 owns gears of wars fag dont hate on the ps3 cuz ur poor


actually your poor because you can't afford LIVE.

We're reminded why online play is so important.

360 ftw, community is all that matters and 360 ownzzzzz at that

Uh, good comparison?

xbox live > ps2

And then we're reminded who actually plays online, and that they apparently spend most of their time posting in YouTube threads like this one.

yeah haha, 9-12 year olds make up 50% of that "great community"

Speaking of kids...

god this 'war' is sooooo sad!! lets get this straight 360 owners are little kids that call people noobs ps3 owners are real people who have a life and just want to have a great time and the ps3 delivers now everyone piss off and face the truth 360's SUCK !

Out of nowhere, someone brings up the Wii.

shut up lol my five year old brother is the only one in my house that plays wii, no one needs a wii fanboy in here with the great fucking plummer games it has... ya right

I was trying to figure out what section of this week's article this comment best fit with, or what the hell this person was trying to say, and then I gave up and just decided to file it under a newly-created section where people argue about asses. This is the only entry.

PS3 is better.. and PS3 is a machine, best gaming consolle except computer... duh. and it DOESN'T has an ass.

Surprisingly, no one mentioned this until fairly late into the comment thread. People seemed to forget that the PS3 was superior because of its "Blueway" capabilities.

ps3 can play 3shiity game put the same fuckin code in it it will play but try that with a blueway not gonna work.its to much for a lame a hd dvd to reed.lolololol

Here's an interesting argument. The 360 is superior because you can pirate games on it.

this battle is lame. xbox can be modded - ps3 can't. GAME OVER.

Thats why i bought i xbox 360 over a ps3

Having read all this, you might be shaking your head and saying "Gee. Console wars are so stupid. I don't understand why people get involved in this in the first place." Well, YOU'RE WRONG AND DUMB.

Console bettle inst stupid. I have 360 and I hate it. Broke some weeks ago, you cant get anything usefull in live for free and PS3 have better games next year. PS3 have: better games (next year), console it self and thats it. 360 have: better controller and thats it. Online is kinda even cuz PSN is free but live is much more better. Now PS3 slim is that cheap that I will buy it this month.

And finally, I'm going to end with this. I don't remember what it was even in response to, but it just about sums up the intelligence level and maturity of almost every single person who commented on this video.

you suck nigger.

See you next week.

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