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Fanboy Friday: 2010's Least Anticipated Games Edition

7:00 PM on 01.01.2010
Fanboy Friday: 2010's Least Anticipated Games Edition photo

Fanboy Friday had to take a short hiatus over the holidays, but we're back and ready to go for the new year. To help ring in the start of a new decade of idiocy, this week I want to look at a few of the upcoming titles for 2010 and see what the fanboys have to say about them, even though none of them are out yet.

Based on comments, it looks like 2010 is shaping up to be the worst year of gaming we've ever had. A bunch of stupid ugly games with dumb main characters that are all ripoffs of older games, the 2010 lineup is pathetically weak.

Hit the jump to see what to avoid this year.

God of War III:

Some Sony fans are REALLY excited for this game. Some are a little too excited.

GOW 3 is the shit, it's the most highly anticipated game for the PS3. I can't wait to get this. Sorry COCK BOX fans you'll just have to settle for HALO, LOL

The excitement continues.

for reals dude xbox games suck major donkey boner comapred to this badass game. GOD games are the shit, i would say its probably the best game for the ps3

Not everyone thinks God of War is going to be good, though. Some 360 fanboys have criticisms for Kratos.

Kratos - A rather buff and athletic pasty cunt who has not seen the sun in years. He wears absolutely nothing but a cloth to cover up his miniscule penis and dirty ass crack.

And that boxart? UGH.

this game has one uglyass cover

It's not even going to be fun to play. You'll just mash buttons and stuff.

Looks like there is no way to differentiate a 7 YO playing this and a 27 YO playing this, I bet combos are easy? boss 2-4 phaze tactics are easily sussed? wall walking with a hold of a button or something?

Conclusive proof of how awful this game is going to be.

u guys are missing something XBOX 360 OWNS because we have the best games not like this pieces of shit

Final Verdict:

kratos is stupid and unrealistic its a waste of money...u have 1 AAA and a dildo little ps3 cocksucking fanboy, why don't you take your ps3 and shove it up your faggot ass. You fucking lonely LOSERRRR.

Alan Wake:

Why can't anyone make original games anymore?

silent hill rip-off

Like most gamers, this dude hates running.

This looks like total shi- te on a stick
Dont buy into videogame advertising it usually lets you down.

And what a stupid main character they have.

When I saw Alan I started laughing. He looks like a fat lazy unemployed Nathan Drake hahahaha!

Well, even though this game MIGHT look ok, XBOX SUCKS LOL.

I own a PS3 and my friend in college has a 360. 360 has a way better interface for browsing and stuff and gears 2 is the best multi player game online and locally. but PS3 obviously has better graphics its even in the technology with the cell chip, its not an argument its hard fact. 360 also has better online with more dedicated servers. This game looks unbelievable though and so does splinter cell but the limits of the 360 are been reached PS3 will have a longer life with its current hardware

Oh, wait, it actually doesn't look ok at all. That's too bad.

- Bad framerate
- low res tree foliage
- bad screen tearing
Uncharted 2 wins

Final Verdict:


Metroid: Other M:

Popular opinion is that the developer is going to destroy the game.

completely ruined it! Retro did a far better job. Fuck you team ninja!

What!? It's on the Wii?!

shitty graphics

A number of people have been commenting that Samus' boobs look bigger, but this guy just doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

Maybe it's because I'm used to seeing breasts or maybe it's cuz I'm a virgin, but I really don't see the "big deal" about Samus' new bust size.

It's not Fanboy Friday without a heaping helping of racism.

Why is Samus engaging in hand to hand combat? Why does whe look like a chink? Why does everybody have a slight chink look? Why does her suit when popping up look like lego?

Some fanboys are distraught because it looks like Nintendo is making a game so that they can SELL it. Who ever heard of such a thing?

I hammered all the metroids but this one looks like a cry for sales on nintendos behalf. in other words i think it looks like shit.

Final Verdict:

no one will play it because this game is going to suck balls and no one will buy games after it. fuck nintendo. Team Ninja = Ruin Metroid and commit total faggotry

So many upcoming exclusives, and they're all going to be terrible. Here's to hoping 2011 brings something better.

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