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Fan made patch gives Shaq-Fu the comedy treatment

8:30 PM on 05.21.2012
Fan made patch gives Shaq-Fu the comedy treatment photo

If you've ever suffered through the awkward dialogue of SNES/Sega Genesis fighting "classic" Shaq Fu (colloquially referred to as "Shaq F*-cking Thinks You'll Buy Anything"), this new patch from ArugulaZ may intrigue you. Entitled Schmuck Fu, it replaces the terrible lines throughout Shaq Fu with, as the modder puts it, "a script that spends less time kissing Shaq's butt and more time being entertaining."

As I've only seen a few screen shots of the mod, I couldn't tell you if it's any good but from what I know of the original, if the dialogue improvements are anything even a notch above, say, the sound of farts siphoned through a vuvuzuela, we should be fine. Actually, I'd probably play that too.

Someone made Shaq-Fu worth playing [Tiny Cartridge]

Fan made patch gives Shaq-Fu the comedy treatment photo

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