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Evolution Studios announces DriveClub for the PS4

5:59 PM on 02.20.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

PlayStation Event, New York, 02/20/13

Evolution Studios enthusiastically introduced DriveClub for the PlayStation 4, a new "team based driving" game. It's the game "we've always wanted to make," says Matt Southern, director at Evolution, as you feel his excitement literally radiating from every core of his body.

The name DriveClub was trademarked nine years ago, and they've waited for a "long, long time" to reveal this. Utilizing the "club," mechanic, you can experience what it's like to get into a new car, and experience it, with your friends.

In addition to the standard driving experience, you can load up the DriveClub app on your smartphone, set up a challenge with specific parameters, and send it out to everyone.

Check out ALL the PlayStation 4 coverage from today's event here. Console specs revealed, new controller detailed, and tons of games announced!

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