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Evo2k11: New Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay teased

7:00 PM on 07.30.2011

Today I had the privilege of interviewing producer Yoshinori Ono about the upcoming fighter, Street Fighter X Tekken. We covered things such as the character choices (specifically Poison), certain gameplay decisions, and what to look forward to in the coming months leading up to the release. 

Ono-san even teased gameplay elements Capcom has yet to reveal. Street Fighter X Tekken is a tag fighter, in the vain of Namco Bandai's Tekken Tag Tournament. When the active fighter is defeated, the round is over, even if there's a fresh combatant waiting in the wings. While that may be the Namco Bandai way, Capcom seems to have other plans.

"It is wasteful to have a perfectly good health gauge and do nothing with it," Ono said. "That will be used for something... we will talk about probably at TGS, and certainly CES in January. Just because that character doesn't come out to fight doesn't mean it's not good for something. What that something is, ask us again in six months."

While the specifics of this are still vague, this could be a game changer in the way we end up playing Street Fighter X Tekken when it launches next year.

Look forward to the full interview hitting the front page soon!

[Photo credit: Justin Massongill]

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