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European Club Nintendo offering real Mario Kart trophies

3:00 PM on 07.12.2012
European Club Nintendo offering real Mario Kart trophies photo

If you're not already a Mario Kart champion, well now, you can pay to look like one. In Club Nintendo Stars that is. The European branch of Club Nintendo has updated their catalog to reveal that they are now offering replicas of select Mario Kart trophies. You can now get a 12cm x 10cm replica of the Shell, Leaf, or the Special cups, all for a whopping 5000 Stars. 

It would be nice to see these come to NA but yeesh, 5000 Stars, that's five times what you get for registering the Wii through Club Nintendo in Europe. Quick, what's the Stars to Coins exchange rate? I need to know how much to stockpile in case we get these sweet babies after all.

Europeans can now get Real Mario Kart Trophies from Club Nintendo [Vook via MyNintendoNews]

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