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Ethan Mars of Heavy Rain in custom toy form

1:00 AM on 05.19.2010

Our good friends over at Tomopop spotted this exceptional custom toy. It's Ethan from Heavy Rain and I'm really impressed with the detail. Now, if only it had a button you could press so head shout, "David!" That would make it absolutely perfect.

You can see a couple of other shots of the toy on the creator's Deviant Art page, along with a whole bunch of other nice work. I'd be cautious, though. There's a spoiler in there and I'd hate to have the game ruined for anyone who is actually willing to invest the time in playing Heavy Rain. Me? I made it four hours, saw something shiny and have "kept meaning to get back to it."

Custom Delights: Heavy Rain custom is awesome (but a total spoiler) [Tomopop]

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