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ERSB says Watch Dogs has nudity and drunkenness

5:00 PM on 03.03.2014

Alasdair Duncan


It took me six attempts to spell drunkenness correctly

Reading ERSB rating information summaries is always a dryly humorous experience; the folks over at the Examiner have dug up the rating information on Ubisoft's much-delayed Watch Dogs and it makes for some interesting reading. As one could guess, there's some strong language, violence, and even a state of inebriation if the player consumes one too many cocktails, or whatever vigilantes in future Chicago drink.

Rather less amusing is the inclusion of scene where women are auctioned off to male buyers, which hopefully results in the player ending the life of the scumbags involved in that type of thing. There's no real plot points being revealed in the listing -- it all fits in with the vibe that's been given off in previous trailers for Watch Dogs.

Only thing we're really waiting on is a concrete release date.

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Alasdair Duncan
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