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Elite: Dangerous alpha is available for select backers

3:30 PM on 12.12.2013

Alasdair Duncan


If you paid over 200, then you're getting to play the game early

Watching Elite be named as one of the 25 most important games of all time on Charlie Brooker's How Videogames Changed the World, and seeing the first trailer for No Man's Sky reminded me of why I love spaceship games. While X Rebirth didn't deliver on the promise of its trailers, Elite: Dangerous might succeed where that game failed. As of today, some backers on Kickstarter will have access to an alpha which will give them the first chance to play the game in some form.

If you were one of the people who paid £200 backer level, you'll be able to test out the single-player combat mechanics, different weapons, and so forth. That's a lot of money, so here's hoping that the folks playing the alpha are enjoying it. From the trailer, it seems like some flashy and exciting space combat but I assumed the same with X Rebirth. Still it's heartening to see space games like Elite: Dangerous coming back into prominence. 

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