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Electronic Super Joy is hardcore, will make you rage

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Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

10:00 PM on 03.25.2013

Intense indie platformer brings the beats, difficulty

Prepare to die. A lot. Electronic Super Joy drew me in with its pulsing beats and proceeded to bring the pain. With electronic dance music blaring, I stepped up to the controller with a crowd on onlookers at my back.

I'd watched several challengers before me come and go. And despite their persistence, eventually all walked away in defeat. Confident in my platforming abilities, I was sure I would be the one to finally surmount the obstacles this exacting platformer placed before me. Boy, was I wrong.

Electronic Super Joy follows the journey of a silhouetted hero on mission to get his booty back from the butt-thieving Groove Wizard. To complete his quest and make sure his nemesis is deader than disco, our valiant protagonist must run a gauntlet of perilous levels inspired by the tunes of electronic musician Envy.

Developed by Michael Todd, the title was originally scheduled for release as a part of the Super Shock Bundle last year. However, after exceeding the scope of his initial ambitions for the project, Todd brought Cassie Chui on board to help out with the pixel art and level design.

Now set to launch on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android later this year, the title is drawing interest from the likes of Nintendo and Sony, who seem eager to have the intense action-platformer on their systems. Despite the recognition, Todd seems adverse to jumping through hoops to get his game on consoles, though a 3DS port remains a possibility.

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