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Elder Scrolls Online may take 150 hours to get max level

Feb 18 // Chris Carter    @DtoidChris

Info from playtesters

If you play as many MMOs as I do, one of the first questions you'll probably have is "what is the maximum level cap, and how long does it take to reach it?" Well with The Elder Scrolls Online, we may have an answer. According to playtesters, the amount of time it's estimated to take to reach level 50 is 150 hours. For reference, another player stated that it was closer to 80 with tons of skipped dialog.

That's pretty standard stuff as far as MMOs go, and thankfully, it doesn't sound like Zenimax elongated experience gains to pad the game. As always, if you hate the idea of a subscription fee for MMOs, it may be a good idea to hunker down for the first free month and spend as much time as you can before the fee kicks in. If you treat Elder Scrolls Online like a typical game and get max level in a month, you might just enjoy it.

How long does it take to get 50? [Reddit via PCGamesN]


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