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EA isn't turning Mirror's Edge into a shooter

1:30 PM on 06.14.2013

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

DICE aims to create a different, superior experience

Electronic Arts is "not going to turn [Mirror's Edge] into a shooter," EA Labels executive vice president Patrick Söderlund professed to Eurogamer, responding to some fans' fears that the upcoming reboot would be too action-oriented.

"It's a very different Mirror's Edge experience than the first game," Söderlund said. "Obviously as you saw in the trailer there are some things that will clearly remain the same. We're not going to break what the game was good at," he continued. "But in general, though, there are some changes, which are for the better I think."

Söderlund doesn't explicitly say as much, but it sounds like DICE is planning to tone down the action quite a bit in favor of freeform open world platforming. With an increased focus on crafting well-rounded characters and a compelling narrative, the new Mirror's Edge could very well improve on nearly all of its predecessor's blemishes. 

Open-world Mirror's Edge isn't a shooter, but it's "very different" compared to the original, EA says [Eurogamer]

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