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EA buys Pfff, we own Battlefield69

6:30 PM on 05.08.2013 // Niero Gonzalez

Next Gen is balls


San Francisco, CA - Somewhere near Philz Coffee and 24th Street

It appears that EA has registered through, speculating endless sequels. Not to be outdone, PC gaming site RockPaperShotgun secured, paying an exorbitant 25 euros.  It was previously surmised that no number was higher than 21, but through the use of M.A.T.H.S. our engineering team was able to lock down a sexy for under 8 bucks. It's all about domain name discount club, silly battlen00bs. *teabags your chassis* 

You see, in 'Murica it's all about thinking further ahead. Also, head.

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