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EA backs away from real-life weapon endorsement

11:00 AM on 08.16.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Electronic Arts was in the center of a very odd controversy earlier this week when it was found to be promoting real-life weapon sales on its Medal of Honor website. The MoH-branded tomahawk has now been removed from sale, and blog posts declaring partnerships with weapons manufacturers are now obscured.

Previously, written content by Warfighter executive producer Greg Goodrich linked to a number of sellers, where fans could purchase guns, weapon attachments, and other kill-friendly items. The posts can still be found, but they're hidden from menu navigation.

The branded tomahawk was made by SOG Knives and had the MoH logo on the handle. Goodrich told Eurogamer that, while the deal appears to be off the table, he doesn't feel bad about the initial partnership because proceeds were going to Project Honor -- EA's charity effort supporting the families of fallen and wounded soldiers. 

For some, the connection to real-life weaponry was a touch too far and came off as tasteless, and it appears the water got too hot for EA, which has a history of removing real-life war connections from its games. Meanwile, Activision's pissed off that it'll have to recall its Call of Duty nailbomb. 

EA backs down and pulls Medal Of Honor: Warfighter tomahawk [Edge]

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