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E3: ZombiU multiplayer makes you lord of the dead

10:00 PM on 06.10.2012

Jonathan Holmes


ZombiU's asymmetrical, competitive multiplayer is a nice little package. It will definitely be a dorm room favorite and a good time at parties. The general premise is that one player (in this case, my homeboy Pungi rocking the Wii U Pro Controller) plays as a human attempting to capture various flags around the map. The other player (me) gets the Wii U GamePad, and is tasked to lay zombies out around the map. Some zombies are aggressive, some are more prone to lurking, and others are only there to capture the flag before the human does. Not sure if it will allow for more than one-on-one competition, though I assume that it will.

It was a solid experience, easy to pick up and play, and definitely packed with potential. My only suggestion is that Ubisoft allow the zombie master to actually play as a zombie or two. After deploying all of their undead troops, there were times when the zombie master had nothing to do but sit back and wait until the other played had cleared some enemies. Only then could the zombie master spawn a few more ghouls. If I had the option to actually play as one of the zombies during that pre-spawning time, there wouldn't ever have to be a break in the action for either player. 

Constructive criticism aside, ZombiU should be fun, but I'm not ready to put in in the same league as Left 4 Dead or Dead Island as of yet. Lets hope the game offers a unique experience that doesn't need to rely on huge amounts of enemies on screen or big budget graphics to be enjoyable, as I highly doubt that either of those features will make their way into the final build of the game.

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Jonathan Holmes
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