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E3: Sitting down with 007 Legends

2:30 PM on 06.10.2012
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It's been awhile since I played a Bond game. I like to pretend I bought Goldeneye 007 Wii because I missed playing the original with my sisters, but really, I just wanted the gold Classic Controller Pro.

Catching up with the direction of the series was one of the pleasant surprises of my E3 experience, and made me definitely consider giving the series my first non-Nintendo spin.

While the Bond games are largely shooters, undoubtedly secret agents rely on more than just guns and karate chops to the neck to pull off their missions. I like that this is reflected in 007 Legends.

The game will stir shake things up a bit by adding some stealth-based options to the traditional firepower-centric gameplay. You'll be aided by items like tranquilizer darts and a radar watch, and gadgetry will play a larger role as well. The weapon selection will be wide and include laser-based items and melee weapons, some of which can be taken from the environment. A full XP system will also allow for upgrades for weapons and Bond abilities to enhance your preferred playing style. Four-player split screen will of course be available, in addition to an unspecified M-16 Ops Mode. 

The developers promised lots of cameos from the Bond universe spanning all of the movies, with each mission modeled after one of six films, tied together in an overarching story.

Only five will be available at launch; the first, as previously reported, will be Moonraker with the sixth, Skyfall, a free post-launch DLC to coincide with the film's release. 007 Legends itself comes out this October on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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