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E3 09: Here's what Facebook/Twitter looks like on Xbox 360

4:10 PM on 06.01.2009

Nick Chester

Former Editor-in-Chief (2011)

Announced by the charming and small Felicia Day earlier today at Microsoft's E3 media briefing, both Twitter and Facebook integration are coming to Xbox LIVE this Fall.

Visually, it's seamlessly integrated with the existing NXE interface. Functionally, it should work that way as well -- you'll be able to view updates, photos, and add friends to your Xbox LIVE list right from the Xbox 360 Facebook/Twitter applications. 

It looks pretty slick, for sure, and as a Twitter addict myself it's definitely neat. But until I actually start using it for any kind of functional social interaction online, I'm not sure if it's needed. 

How do you think it looks?


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Nick Chester
Former Editor-in-Chief (2011) follow
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