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DtoidSF's WedgeCon 2K10 recap!

12:00 PM on 06.05.2010 // DtoidSanFrancisco

Hey guys!

In case you live under a rock that is in a box buried underground, you may have heard about DtoidSF being at the annual WedgeCon held this weekend at the DtoidHQ! This event was an all weekend celebration of the communities centered around our very own WedgeWu, and was seriously one of the most epic NARPs in the history of NARPitude.

Let's start this recap off! (warning, it is picture heavy!!)


The event started off on Friday with preparation of Nerf War, which went on all weekend. Seeing as Nerf guns are amazing, WedgeCon participants geared up ready to take each other on in foam dart combat.

There were tons of Nerf guns, such as shotguns, automatic weapons, crossbows, six-shooters, and much more! I remember when I was a kid, I owned maybe one of these Nerf guns, and it was so simplistic. Playing with these many Nerf guns was like a weird dream come true, and was totally amazing!

Yes, those are lots of Nerf guns

Stan using Gerald as a shield for the Nerf battle!

Friday also saw the introduction to the hilarious Bros icing Bros drinking game. The rules to this game can be found here. If you are presented with a Smirnoff ice, you must chug the ice while on one knee. However, if you have your own Smirnoff ice handy, you can counter it what is called a "ice block". In this situation, the original "bro" has to chug a Smirnoff ice instead.

Most valuable Ice award goes to Hamza this night, who got ICED so much that a temp ice ban had to be placed on him. No one was safe from getting ICED, as people started carrying around ices in their back pockets the whole weekend ready for the counter ice. (Seriously, I slept with an ice in my back pocket in case the woke me up with one ... )

WedgeCon group shot, with Hamza in the corner, getting ICED!

WedgeWu getting iced while Dyson looks on

#Theinternetsamhouston is welcomed to WedgeCon with a special gift....the gift of ICE!

Oh yeah ... we played some videogames! Friday was a Super Street Fighter IV night, with two sticks being passed around in fierce competition, and a PC LAN set up downstairs with Starcraft and L4D2. Around 2:00AM, Lips was put in for a while. But by that time, the lateness had taken its toll and everyone crashed.

And that was just the first day.


The most epic part of Saturday had to be the Just Dance-off! This dancing double elimination tournament consisted of 16 dancers battling it out on the dance floor for prizes such as a copy of Just Dance, I <3 Just Dance t-shirts, Splinter Cell Conviction strategy guide, plus much more!

During the competition, with color commentary by Dyson and King Friday, the strongest competitors were established early. Local fan favorite King Friday was bested by #Theinternetsamhouston early on in the competition, sending him into the loser's bracket.

2:30: "The internet is vast and infinite, AlexQRyan, and Friday is one man a week".

However, that didnt stop Friday from working through the bracket and earning his well-deserved spot in the finals, despite all odds!

The other spot was earned by Bleach "Y2K" Boy, who took down the #Theinternetsamhouston in what was described as a huge upset! It was finally the moment we had all been waiting for. The dance-off to end all dance-offs, to determine which of us was the best "Just Dancer"!

And after a hard fought match (and a loss of pants somewhere along the way), King Friday took home the gold, and earned a copy of the game....but more importantly, ice immunity until E3 2010!

The full bracket can be found below along with video of yours truly battling CTZ (and showing how counter icing works at the end of the match). Fairly soon, even more will be found at the newly created DtoidSF Youtube channel!.

Completed Just Dance bracket

Hamza vs. Jesse, followed by a COUNTER ICE

Oh...and BTW. No one is safe from getting iced....

...not even Seth Killian. Bet he wished he won immunity.


WedgeCon officially started the festivities with a screening of Street "SONOFABISHBISON" Fighter, while everyone arrived. Once the crowd gathered, it was time for the Grilled Cheese Cook-off! Our esteemed judges for the evening were WedgeWu, Jonathan Ross, and CTZ. They judged the grilled cheese based on things like taste and presentation. Luckily, the judges werent the only ones getting the chance to enjoy themselves, as the contestants made enough to pass around sample to the crowd. Every grilled cheese sandwich was DELICIOUS! Out of 5 contestants, the winner for the competition was Dustin, with his cheese blend grilled cheese sandwich!

Judges table....contemplating their decision

Winner of the Grilled Cheese Cook-off 2010!

With the competition finally over, the night was just beginning as Dtoid went back to their Miami roots and cleared the living room for shots and dancing. We booty-shook to "Telephone", moshed to Kelly Clarkson, and even sang along to an 8-bit verson of "Tik tok" by Ke$ha.

And like every great party, the only thing stopping us from continuing the whole night was a knock at the door by the cops. Sadly, Niero didn't answer the door as Mr. Destructoid, although maybe that should be the plan for the next time. I'm sure the cops wouldnt know what to do with a robot (do they fall under Miranda rights?)

This man was almost arrested for us. Talk about "COMMUNITY FIRST. PERIOD."

Will there be a next time? Damn straight there will. If reading this recap, you are overcome with jealousy, then GOOD. If you live near the Bay Area, you should have been here. I'll try to find it in my heart to forgive you THIS time, but next time, you might not be so lucky. And if you live near a city group, get yourself to a NARP event being held across the country designed to bring our community of gamers together! And finally, if you are crying to yourself how NO ONE lives near you, stop crying now and gauge interest in starting a Dtoid City Group in your own city!! Take charge!

I hope you enjoyed reading this recap! For even more pictures coming soon, check out our Facebook fan page, and videos at our Youtube channel. And like mentioned before, if you are in the Bay Area and want to get invited to even more of these, the best way would be to join our Dtoidsf emailer or follow our Twitter!


We were fortunate enough to have Corinne Wells on hand to take amazing pictures of us, and I've included a select few (read: many) below for your viewing pleasure! The rest of these can be found on the DtoidSF facebook group!

Nicholas showing off the amazing automatic Nerf gun

Tactix and Wedgewu (Team AMAAAAAZING!) are all smiles for Wedgecon!

When Niero says you've been ice'd, you drink....

Group pic!

King Friday is the man with the bullhorn

Husky and Stan pose with their awesome Astro headsets

Mr. Destructoid makes an appearance...

...and quickly gets ICED!!!

Of course...Rock Band was played

Rey looks very pretty

Look at our fancy judges!

A Blasian Raiden joins the party!

Wedgewu shows us how its done...WHILE DANCING!

What is this....I dont....even...

And then drink to celebrate!


aaaaaaand I'm spent.

Seriously...There are 200 more pictures on the DtoidSF facebook fan page, so check them out. Corinne Wells is my hero and an amazing photographer. Check out her Flickr for pics of other Dtoid events she's done as well as other stuff. Hope you enjoyed these bonus pics with much more to come!

Until next time, DtoidSF!


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