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10:08 PM on 04.01.2008 // water lymon


First of all, I'd like to say that this is not an April Fools joke. I made a pledge earlier in the week not to bother with any of that bullshit for both Ceark & Hamza having to file through the blogs continuously. Now with that said, I have an announcement to make.

Well, by now you have probably read the hard hitting expose on my foray into a world of darkness & possibly illegal GayRaves™ on the front page, but what you did not realize is that it came with a price. "Geraldo Beedog" and I discussed a plan in which they would be able to conduct an interview with me, but I agreed on the condition that I be given the privilege to announce a big Dtoid event. Of course, Geraldo said that it was perfect timing, since they were planning to announce something on April 3rd, but have allowed me to announce it now as G4's embargo was lifted today at noon, fearing that no one would take the announcement seriously today.

So anyway, a little bit of backstory on this information- In February of this year, Ron, Niero, Nick, Colette, Chad, and Geraldo met in San Francisco with Neal Tiles, president of G4, to discuss the future of Destructoid expanding past the Internets and onto the big time television networks. Of course, any hope to do so would be something related to Destructoid itself. So they had an idea. The process of moving onto G4 (but still keeping, mind you) would be an arduous one, but they made a decision finally.

More after the jump.

 So with that, Destructoid is proud to announce that coming November, G4TV will be airing "", a 30 minute G4TV show that aims to bring gaming back to the hardcore. This includes a video Podtoid/RetroforceGO!, but shortened, much like Diggnation, news of the day presented in a possibly drunken fashion by Ron Workman & Nick Chester, industry interviews, gameplay videos, and some of the editor features that we know and love (Bargain Bin Laden, Weekend Reading, Games of the Week,) being translated into real-time spoken features. However, they do have a contract with G4 that says that instead of delving fully into a show, they're going to have a series of 10 7-minute segments that will air on Attack of The Show, starting in November. also plans to showcase community videos, and the first few will be compilations or standalone birthday videos from earlier in the year. More news is coming later, of course.

In case you didn't remember, Niero & the gang have finally purchased a Dtoid office in downtown Miami. This is mainly where the show's production will be run as well. But honestly, that is all I've been told. As a service announcement, I plead you to not email Niero or any of the Dtoid editors with any questions regarding this news, as all of the editors are currently on their way to Cancun, or preparing for Cancun.

However, while this is not to air until November, Dtoid will be showing the first 3 segments over the span of the next few months, starting with this first one, showcasing Butmac's hilarious Dtoid Birthday wishes. Enjoy. Press release below. Butmac's Birthday Video (HD) from demi adejuyigbe on Vimeo.
Fans of the Popular Video Game Website Embark on New Television Adventures with™
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – (March 31, 2008) – G4TV (NASDAQ: GFTN) today announced that fans of the popular video game website, Destructoid™, will now be able to head to their television for year-round fun with their favorite editors. Destructoid™ will be available as a television show and will build on the celebrated Destructoid™ experience that allows readers to interact with a world famous community.

“™ really delivers what the readers have been asking for – a unique gaming experience offering a new television experience that readers can engage in. And because each season unfolds differently, every episode will look different than the one before, guaranteeing a fresh experience each day,” said site founder and robot-in-chief, Yanier "Niero" Gonzalez. “From bullshitting with Ron Workman drunk at an E3™ Press Conference to pulling pranks on unsuspecting readers currently reading this completely bullshit press release – these are the great moments in Dtoid™ history that we remember either from growing up with Destructoid™ and the Destructoid™ community. The wonderful reader interaction system adds another layer of fan creativity and nurturing which is the perfect compliment to the base television show. ”™ will be on G4 Television™ in Europe in November of 2008 and available as a standalone show seperate from Attack of The Show™ the next year that builds on the original Destructoid™ experience.

water lymon,
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