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Dtoid No Apparent Reason Parties for the month of August!

4:00 PM on 08.09.2010 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

No Apparent Reason Parties, NARPs for short, are a long standing tradition here at Destructoid. NARPs are parties hosted by Dtoiders for Dtoiders and everyone is welcome to attend a party. It's about playing games and interacting with other people all in the name of having a good time.

Can you believe the summer is almost over?! August means taking those last minute vacations before the school year starts, and trying to enjoy the summer sun before fall hits. Of course, for Dtoiders, August is just another month to have NARPs!

Follow on after the break to see what NARPs are happening in Australia, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Belgium, Texas, and the Northwest!

Who: Dtoid Europe/Belgium - mistic
What:Worldwide NARP!
When: Aug 13-15th

The grand EuroNARP3 is only TEN DAYS away! The weekend of Aug 13-15, our boys in Belgium will be partying in Teh Lair all weekend, and will be challenging the rest of world to party with them! If you are in the area you should definitely join them, but if not, you can still take part in the fun through the stickam chat room and by playing along with them online!

Be sure to join the DtoidEurope Google group for details of these events and others, as well as check out their Facebook group!

Who: Dtoid San Francisco - Tactix
What: Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Worldwide NARP
When: Aug 13 and 14th

DtoidSF is getting together to watch possibly the greatest August movie (second to Step Up 3D) and planning an epic party for the Worldwide NARP weekend! The party will include TONS of gaming such as Rock Band, SSF4, and classic retro gaming! Not to mention that the Awesomecade will be open for business!

Be sure to follow DtoidSF on Twitter and Facebook as well as check out the Google group for details of these events and others!

Who: Dtoid Austin - Sean Carey
What: Retro Game tournament at Game Over Videogames
When: Aug 21st

Dtoid Austin and Game Over Games will be hosting a retro game tournament involving Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64. And whats a tournament without prizes? Gift cards for Game over games are on the line, so get to practicing those games! Details for the tournament are here, and you must be registered in the google group for the tournament, so make sure to do that!

Be sure to join the DtoidAustin google group to keep involved with all the happenings!

DtoidMidwest is ready to party

Who: Dtoid Midwest - Jon Bloodspray
What: Cedar Point NARP
When: Aug 13-15th

The time for Dtoid Midwest's Cedar Point NARP is FINALLY HERE! Dtoid Midwest peeps are planning to watch Scott Pilgrim, head to Cedar Point, and party along with the world during the Worldwide NARP. Its definitely going to be loads of fun, so if you havent committed to go, you should definitely do so!

Check out the forum thread for this event, and make sure to join the Google group and Facebook group!

Who: Dtoid United Kingdom - Hollie Bennett
What: Gamescom
When: Aug 19-22

DtoidUK wants to let everyone know that they will be bringing all the latest coverage from Gamescom in Cologne right to the Dtoid front page, so keep your eyes peeled for that! And if you are heading there, let them know in the Google group!

Who: Dtoid Australia - FooLiz
What:Worldwide NARP and Mana Bar
When: Aug 14-15, 17, 21st

As always, DtoidAustralia has great things planned. They will be going to Mana Bar for drinks, and then having a Worldwide NARP party with tournaments such as SSF4 and Mario Kart DS. Did they mention, prizes?

Besides the Worldwide NARP, they will also be having the usual Trivia Night as well as a movie night. So make sure to make it out!

Be sure to follow Dtoid Australia on Twitter and Facebook as well as check out the Google group for details of these events and much more!

Who: Dtoid Los Angeles - Jonathan Ross
What: Kyle's Birthday Party

Its Kyle's birthday, and you know what that means...GIANT SLIDE! It also happens to be on the Worldwide NARP weekend, so make sure to attend the party and stickam chat with the rest of the world while there! For details check the c-blog in the next coming days.

You can also follow Dtoid Los Angeles on Facebook as well as check out the Google group for details of these events and other things!

As for the other city groups, there isn't anything planned as of yet, but make sure to keep following the blogs, cause you never know when something will start up!

Who: Dtoid New England - Senisan
What: Funspot Trip and House Party
When: Aug 21-22nd

Dtoid New England has made plans this month to travel to the Funspot: American Classic Gaming Museum for a day of awesome classic gaming. Funspot is home to a bowling alley, restaurant/tavern, and an arcade including Space Ace, Defender, and Galaga! And the fun doesnt stop there, cause after a couple of hours, Dtoid NE will head back to Senisan's place for a more modern gaming experience.

Make sure to keep up with all of the fun by joining the Dtoid New England Google Group for detail on this event and others!

Who: Dtoid Orlando - Kryptinite
Who: Dtoid Toronto - Chooly
Who: Dtoid Northwest! - Kai, DJDuffy, King3vbo (Congrats on getting married UncleMilkshake!
Who: Dtoid New York - Powerglove

And remember, even if you arent near a city group this weekend, you can take part in the WORLDWIDE NARP with us! Stay tuned for a special post about that later this week!

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