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Dtoid Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon!

3:20 PM on 10.08.2010 // Jesse Cortez

As gamers, many times the media and people like to portray us as lazy, self-absorbed kids who do nothing but play games in our parent's basement. But then, we prove them wrong and that will happen this October 16 as Destructoid brings to you our Extra Life 24 hour Gaming Marathon!

Extra Life is a charity event started by the fine guys at Sarcastic Gamer in 2008 and with the help of over 100 websites and 12,000 donors, has since gone on raise $302,000 dollars in charity money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Thats huge.

In the past, Destructoid has also helped out with this goal, from gaming at DtoidHQ in Florida, to SingSterling We do what we can to help out this wonderful cause. This year is no exception! We are proud to announce the details of this year of Dtoid's 24 hour Gaming Marathon, streaming live from San Francisco!

In just ONE WEEK, on Oct 16th, we will be playing videogames for 24 hours straight and asking for your donations as we go along this awesome endeavor. There will be lots of fun things planned throughout the day/night, and below you can check out the schedule of things to come (subject to change)! 

Destructoid Presents: Extra Life 24 Hour Gaming Schedule Oct 16th (all times PST)

8:00 AM Alex's Backlog: Dtoid Community member and co-organizer of the event Chroniclex has a couple of games he wants to play through, as we get settled in watch him play through a multitude of games!

10:00 AM Obscure/Retro Games: Fan of the NES, SNES, or crazy Japanese games? Wedgewu and Wired|GameLife's Chris Kohler have given us the coolest and weirdest Obscure and Retro games to play during this leg of the marathon!

1:00 PM Music Games! Come sing along as we play music games, such as Rock Band and maybe even Pop’n Music!

3:00 PM Halo: Reach Tourney + Exhibition *Prize competition* The first of our scheduled events, the Extra Life gamer team will hold an internal tournament for prizes. Come watch as we battle each other in 2 v 2 matches (or just single death matches) to find out who the best Halo person is! Once the tournament is over, you can join in with us to play some exhibition matches online!

5:00 PM Speed Run Challenge This block is dedicated to SPEED RUNS! Watch as our Dtoid crew speed runs through as many games as they can in two hours, and even has a mini speed run competition! Want to be awesome and donate a dollar for each game we clear in that time?

8:00 PM Super Street Fighter IV online tourney + Fighting game exhibition This tournament is open to people watching on the stream! Donate at least $15 dollars and enter the tournament mode hosted by Destructoid, with the winner getting a sweet prize pack! After the tournament we will spend the rest of this block of time showing an exhibition of fighting games. Blazblue, MvC2, SSFHD Remix and maybe other crazy awesome fighting games!

11:00 PM Just Dance 2 Tourney Bringing this back from Wedgecon, we have our second Just Dance marathon, but this time, with Just Dance 2! This marathon will pit our crew against each other at Just Dance 2 to win a prize! Songs will be chosen by the audience, with preference given to those who donate!

1:00 AM SCAAAARY GAMES The sun has gone down, so the late night crew will get together, turn the lights low, and play through a couple of scary games! Alan Wake, Resident Evil, and other stuff that makes us go bump in the night.

3:00 AM Viewer's Choice! Near the end of the marathon, we are tired of picking the games...what do you want to see being played? There will be a list of games available and donations get to choose the game to be played for 30 min!

6:00 AM DEADLY PREMONITION! It wouldnt be a gaming marathon without Deadly Premonition! Whistle along as we watch this amazing game, drink our "FK"'d coffee and we act out the scenes from the game!

We plan to give prizes to people watching the stream every hour or so! It will be a donate to enter sort of giveaway where donating an amount of money enters you into the random drawing to win the prize of that hour. So that means you will definitely want to tune in to donate and win some sweet stuff! Sega, Ubisoft, Astro, Capcom, and other gaming companies have agreed to give us some cool stuff to pass on to you!

As we get prizes confirmed, I plan on updating my C Blog with posts showing the wonderful thing we are giving away on the stream, so keep your eyes peeled for that as it shows up!

So set your calendars for Oct 16th to join Destructoid as we prove the naysayers wrong and raise money for a great cause! And if you'd like to go ahead and donate now, check out our donation page below!

Destructoid Extra Life Donation Page

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Jesse Cortez,
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