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Dtoid Community events for the month of October

5:00 PM on 10.01.2010 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

No Apparent Reason Parties, NARPs for short, are a long standing tradition here at Destructoid. NARPs are parties hosted by Dtoiders for Dtoiders and everyone is welcome to attend a party. It's about playing games and interacting with other people all in the name of having a good time.

Are you guys missing each other? As you all know, September was PAX and if you are anything like me, you are already itching to hang out with your fellow Dtoid community members again! Well, as luck would have it, the Destructoid city group leaders from around the world have been planning events for the month of October to satiate our party needs!

Read on to see what NARPs are happening in Australia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Northeast, Texas, and the Northwest! 

Who: Dtoid Australia -- FooLiz
What: Roller Derby, Movie Night, and Halloween party!
When: Oct 16, 29, 30

Dtoid Australia is at it again competing at Mana Bar, but they also have some other awesome events planned. Join them as they go to watch the Brawl Stars go against the Bloody Mary's at Roller Derby, watching horror movies and having a Halloween party to get people all dressed up in their favorite costumes!

Be sure to follow Dtoid Australia on Twitter and Facebook as well as check out the Google group for details of these events and much more!

Who: Dtoid Los Angeles -- Jonathan Ross
What: Ronathon Proper!!!!
When: Oct 3

Lv99Ron is an AMAZING guy and the Dtoid community is coming together to help out our boy in time of need! There are amazing events happening at Ronathon, such as DolphinWetness Podcast and DDR Sock Hop. If you're in Los Angeles, PM Alex Barbatsis for the address and if you aren't, check out the front page to watch this event streamed and help out a great cause!

Be sure to follow Dtoid Los Angeles on Facebook as well as check out the Google group for details of these events and other things!

Who: Dtoid San Francisco -- Tactix
What: Extra Life Gaming marathon
When: Oct 16

Dtoid West Coast is all about helping people in October! Join DtoidSF on the 16 as they raise money for the Extra Life charity. If you are in the area and want to help out with the gaming marathon stop by, and if not tune into their gaming stream and give some money for charity!

Be sure to follow DtoidSF on Twitter and Facebook as well as check out the Google group for details of these events and others!

Who: Dtoid New England -- Senisan
What: Chiptune Night and Halloween Party
When: Oct 1, 23

Dtoid New England is doing two things this month: going to a Chiptunes night at Gulu-Gulu and having a Halloween party at the house of HeyRicochet! Listening to awesome chiptunes music and then partying seem like awesome ways to start and end this month of October!

Be sure to follow Dtoid New England on their Google group, Youtube, and Flickr!!

Who: Dtoid New York -- Power-glove
What: New York Comic Con
When: Oct 8-10

DtoidNY is heading to Comic Con! This year is being combined with the New York Anime Festival which means a HUGE convention and good times. If you are planning on going and want to hang out with Dtoiders, either contact Power-glove via PM on the site or check in on the e-mailer, which can be found here.

Also, make sure to check out DtoidNY's Facebook group, Twitter and Flickr!!

Who: Dtoid United Kingdom -- Hollie Bennett
What: Eurogamer Expo
When: Oct 1-3

Dtoid UK is heading to Eurogamer Expo which marks the first anniversary of this amazing regional group! If you are heading there, make sure to let everyone know and check in on the emailer!

Who: Dtoid Midwest -- Jon Bloodspray
What: 8static Chiptune Party
When: Oct 9

8static is Philly's monthly chiptune showcase/party, and it was a major part of their NARP a few weeks ago. Come join them as they check it out again!

Make sure to join the Google group and Facebook group for more info!

Announcing a new Regional Group!!!

Who: Dtoid Chicago -- AwesomeExMachina
What: Team America screening and Halloween party
When: Oct 5 and TBA

Dtoid Chicago has risen again thanks to AwesomeExMachina and they are starting off with a bang! Get to know each other by watching Team America at the Music Box Theater and a Halloween party at Awesome's apartment, now called "The Lounge"! Yay new city groups!

And now...a list of other groups that might not have anything planned as of yet, but keep checking in. New events happen all the time!

Who:Dtoid Phoenix -- Dexter345

Near Phoenix? Make sure to get involved in one of the newer city groups by checking out their Google Group!

Who: Dtoid Austin -- Sean Carey

Check out their google group and stay tuned, because there are plans in the works to go to Austin Comic con!

Who: Dtoid Orlando -- Kryptinite

Check out the Google group when you have the chance!

Who: Dtoid Northwest! -- Kai, DJDuffy, King3vbo

You can check out the Google group here!

That's all for this month! See you again in November for another update!

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SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Boy howdy, does Divinity: Original Sin take a while to get going. But, it was worth it in the end. Probably the most hardcore RPG I've played. Stellar writing, at that! Combat's pretty amazing too. [img][/img]
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So it seems I've locked into the Neutral ending for SMT IV and now I need to find specific challenge quests and complete them...? How (un)fun! Google is your friend - the videogame.
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Interested in playing some Pathfinder? Trying to arrange a Dtoid Pathfinder group for Saturday nights (GMT) on Skype & Roll 20. If you're new to pen-and-paper RPGs, I don't mind at all and can bring you up to speed quick. Just comment if interested.
Fuzunga avatarFuzunga
Local convention had a great selection of game soundtracks 5 for $20! I got Halo 3: ODST (2 disk!), Gears of War 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Darksiders 2 (2 disk!), and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Some of the best soundtracks of the last 7 years!
Niero Desu avatarNiero Desu
Photos and videos are back on quickposts but clipping on some devices. We're going to add a new quickpost editing interface so photos and videos can only be displayed one way (a la twitter) to solve this. Also, a My cBlog link was added to your user menu
Flegma avatarFlegma
Machine-washed my Wii Fit meter yesterday by accident. Took the battery out and let it dry for the night. Luckily the meter still worked - but it had counted a fair number of steps more that day.
Agent9 avatarAgent9
Finally killed Ludwig, now if I could only get passed the 2 hunters on the second floor. that 2 some is rather annoying,and her holy blade kills in only a few hits. wish mine was that strong.
Casus Gaming avatarCasus Gaming
After reading a blog post about DMC4 I decided to watch all the cutscenes on Youtube. Tried the games years ago and couldn't get into them, but man that shit was stylish. Likeable protagonists, intense drama... still think DmC reboot wasn't that bad tho.
lewness avatarlewness
me on 1st ff14 raid (void ark): ooh so many people and lights, so many lights, lights, fuck I can't see, what is happening, i don't understand, is it tuesday already, get on the platform fuuuuck, wow void helm
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Just a reminder that you have until the 30th to get your Bloggers Wanted post, "Thankful it's over" in. I'm either going to tell you how I ruined my best online gaming experience or rip Twilight Princess a new one. Maybe both.
Nekrosys avatarNekrosys
Huh. I just found out the developers of Hatred (remember that controversy?) region-locked their game to prevent it from being accessed by Australians. Destructive Creations are more censor-happy than Nintendo, it seems. Where's the outrage?
Oh yeah, I have an account on this site.
Parismio avatarParismio
Ever wanted to get that item behind that safe in the beginning of Fallout 4?:
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Got Resident Evil 4 Wii for $5. Uh ... this might be my favorite version. I'm just getting headshots nonstop. Did I miss any other Wii games that are frequently overlooked? Like, really obscure Wii games that no one talks about? I'm interested.
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Poeple due not aprecciate teh hrdships of bein a squid.
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Guys, check out your blogs! Just be sure to bring tissues. I wish I had. [img][/img]
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Anyone see the new Captain America trailer? It's pretty dope!
Shinta avatarShinta You're welcome.
GoofierBrute avatarGoofierBrute
Update: played through Hyper Dimension Neptunia Rebirth, reminded why I don't like the series, and requested a refund on it and its sequel. Not sure if they'll refund the sequel, but if they honor at least the first, I'll use that money to get Undertale.
Nekrosys avatarNekrosys
I hope the new Star Wars movie answers the biggest question I have about the franchise; do Midi-Chlorians poop?
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