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Drakengard/Nier director 'going back to unemployment'

7:00 AM on 01.06.2014

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

This is following the sales of Drakengard 3

Yoko Taro, director of Nier and Drakengard 3, is not having a good year. Recently, he took to Twitter to dash any hopes of a PS4 version of Drakengard 3, stating, "I hope to make the game for PS4 but I can’t have enough money for development."

Drakengard 3 has since opened up to decent (but not great) sales in Japan, and that isn't good news for his 2014 plans. Speaking to 4Gamer, Yoko stated, "next year, I’ll be going back to unemployment, so I don’t have anything as far as a next title goes, but as I sit here and mope, I hope everyone has a great and fun 2014. That is all."

It's a sad situation for sure. I wish Yoko the best, and as a fan of the series, I can't wait to see what Drakengard 3 has to offer later this year myself.

今年は総勢 [4Gamer via Siliconera]

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