Drakengard 3 flying to North America, Europe in 2014 - destructoid

Drakengard 3 flying to North America, Europe in 2014

10:30 AM on 10.09.2013

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

Square Enix announces localization for PlayStation 3 action role-playing game

[Update: We've added a new gallery of screenshots. Check 'em out!]

Drakengard 3 is hacking and slashing its way to North America in 2014, Square Enix has announced. Developed by Deadly Premonition studio Access Games, the action role-playing game is helmed by series producer Takamusa Shiba and features music from Nier composer Keichi Okabe.

Despite being the third entry in the series, Drakengard 3 transpires prior to the events of the original game, which released for PlayStation 2 nearly a decade ago. Square Enix suggests newcomers should feel perfectly comfortable jumping in with the prequel when it arrives exclusively for PlayStation 3 next year.


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Kyle MacGregor
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