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Double Dragon: Neon goes glam in latest footage

5:00 PM on 09.06.2012

Tony Ponce


I completely forgot that Double Dragon: Neon was coming out next week, probably because I wasn't totally blown away during my hands-on session back at PAX East. Developer WayForward doesn't seem interested in overhauling the brawler genre, preferring instead to keep the action as "classic" as possible. But I'm think that the real draw of Neon will be in how much it feels like an 80s action flick.

The din of the PAX show floor prevented me from making out the soundtrack clearly, but I was able to catch enough to learn that the game features remixes of past music from the series. That's not all, though! In true 80s fashion, you can make a "mix tape" of old and original songs, including the brilliant glam rock number from the video above! Just wait until the 20-second mark -- that's when the magic happens! Those vocals are so dangerously cheesy that they ought to change the name of the game to "Cheetos"! I love it!

Double Dragon II was one of my favorite titles on the NES because of how well it captured the feel of an American martial arts movie. From the look and sound of it, Neon will most likely blow II away. I wasn't excited before, but now I am! You guys too, be sure to check out Double Dragon: Neon when it releases on September 11 for PSN and September 12 for XBLA.


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Tony Ponce

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