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Dota 2's 'Spring Cleaning' update now live

6:30 PM on 04.29.2014

Patrick Hancock


6.81 balance patch is here!

The Spring Cleaning update for Dota 2, which seemingly was announced a little bit earlier than Valve wanted, is now live on the main client of the game. A metric butt-ton of bugfixes are included, along with new chests and balance changes. The 6.81 balance update has some great changes, especially for Zeus and Jakiro. You can expect my thoughts on the patch soon-ish!

The chests also hint at two new characters, according to people who know the original DotA. The Treasure of Sinister Arcanery and Cosmic Abyss seem to point to Oracle and Abyssal Underlord, respectively. Others have even been able to access Oracle, skill intact, though there is no model currently in place.

Exciting things are on the horizon!

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