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Doctor implicates videogames in nine-year-old's suicide

6:20 PM on 01.26.2010
Doctor implicates videogames in nine-year-old's suicide photo

A nine-year-old boy committed suicide at his school in Texas, and a psychologist decided to implicate videogames in the tragedy. After ironically stating that she did not want to "blame and cast dispersions" on the boy's family, Dr. Brenda Wade blamed and cast dispersions on videogames instead. 

"The other factor is that younger and younger children are exposed to very violent videogames with content that I would shudder to have an adult watch on a regular basis," states Wade. "We just covered, a couple days ago, the story that children are watching as much as 52 hours a week of TV and sitting in front of a screen. A lot of that content is not uplifting and it’s not teaching our children how to handle problems and feelings."

... And yet, who would be letting the nine-year-old boy play these games? Why, wouldn't that be the responsibility of the family? The family that Wade didn't want to blame? Oh, you media psychologists, you do love your hypocrisy, strawmen, and irresponsible buck-passing. 

The fourth-grader hung himself in a bathroom at Stewart Creek Elementary School. Exactly why he killed himself is something we do not know. Nice to see that some intelligent people have already decided what caused it, though. 

After Tragedy, Dr. Plays Violent Game Blame Card [GamePolitics]

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