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Disney Infinity lets you chill in Scrooge's Money Pit

6:45 PM on 04.11.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

Also, Tron, Dumbo, and Stitch

Hot off the news of the DuckTales game coming this Summer from Capcom, Disney is showing off the Toy Box mode of Disney Infinity today with a brand new trailer. The gist of the mode is that you'll be able to take any character from any Disney property and mix and match them with various locations and objects. Otherwise, characters will have to stay in their respective franchises for the core part of the experience.

Anything is possible it seems, from Phineas and Ferb signaling drag races for the characters from Cars, to Jack Sparrow hanging out in the Nightmare Before Christmas realm. No matter what the quality of this game is, odds are Disney fanatics will eat it up, given the sheer number of IPs on offer here.


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Chris Carter
Reviews Director follow

7:00 PM on 04.29.2014
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Disney Infinity releases iOS Toy Box app


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