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Discountoid: Valkyria Chronicles, Brothers in Arms, other cheap crap!

1:07 PM on 11.09.2008 // Conrad Zimmerman

He's gonna love her 'till the money comes.

And speaking of the money coming, it's time once again to collect this week's gaming deals in Discountoid. Valkyria Chronicles is seeing a nice little price reduction at Circuit City this week. And while you're there, check and see if your location is one of the 155 stores the retailer plans to close by year's end. Word has it that they have already started clearance pricing merchandise and games are reported to be 10% off.

Best Buy and Gamestop have slashed prices on Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway with a $30 reduction. And, if you're that one guy who planned to pre-order Left 4 Dead but haven't yet, Fry's Electronics will take a good chunk out of the price for you if you frequent their fine establishment to do so.

More deals follow the jump.

Best Buy

Software Discounts

  •  Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway [360] - $29.99 ($30 savings)

Accessory Discounts

  • Logitech Cordless Action Controller for PS2 - $19.99 ($10 savings)
  • Universal React Guitar Case - $9.99 ($6 savings)

Gift with Purchase Promotions 

  • Free PS3 remote control with purchase of 2 select DVDs


Circuit City

Software Discounts

  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 [PC] -$44.99 ($5 savings)
  • Valkyria Chronicles [PS3] - $44.99 ($15 savings)
  • 007: Quantum of Solace [PS2] - $29.99 ($10 savings)
  • World of Warcraft Battle Chest [PC] - $24.99 ($15 savings)
  • World of Warcraft Burning Crusade [PC] - $19.99 ($10 savings)
  • Ben 10: Alien Force [DS] - $19.99 ($10 savings)
  • Ninjatown [DS] - $19.99 ($10 savings), free pin and DS cling
  • Pet Pals [DS] - $9.99 ($10 savings)

Gift with Purchase Promotions

  • PSP handheld system - Free hard travel case ($14.99 value)
  • Call of Duty: World at War [360/PC/PS3] - $10 Gift Card
  • 007: Quantum of Solace [360/PS2/PS3] - $5 in movie cash
  • Mirror's Edge [360/PS3] - Free art book
  • Pure [360/PS3] - $10 Gift Card
  • Nerf N-Strike [Wii] - $10 Gift Card
  • WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 [360/DS/PS3] - $10 Gift Card and free art book
  • Facebreaker: K.O. Party [Wii] - $10 Gift Card
  • Monopoly [Wii] - $10 Gift Card
  • Star Wars Force Unleashed [Wii] - $10 Gift Card
  • Wario Land Shake It! [Wii] - $10 Gift Card
  • Super Mario Sluggers [Wii] - $10 Gift Card
  • Wii Music [Wii] - $10 Gift Card

Two DS games for $40
(Choose from the following titles)

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals
Super Mario 64 DS
Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants
Lego Batman
Kirby Super Star Ultra

Fry'sSoftware Discounts

  • Left 4 Dead [PC] - $42.88 ($7.11 savings, pre-order only, expires 11/11) 
  • EndWar [360] - $54.99 ($5 savings}
  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 - $44.99 ($5 savings)

GameStop(Please note that GameStop's ad cycle differs from most major retailers, with ads being released on Fridays. Promotions listed here may expire Thursday night.)

Software Discounts

  • Ace Combat 6 [360] - $29.99 ($30 price drop)
  • Nintendogs [DS] - $19.99 ($5 savings)
  • Timeshift [360] - $14.99 ($5 savings)
  • Timeshift [PS3] - $14.99 ($10 savings)
  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway [360/PS3] - $29.99 ($30 price drop)

Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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