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Discountoid: Only a few shopping days left!

2:00 PM on 12.21.2008 // Conrad Zimmerman

There's a little something for you to enjoy this holiday.

We're in the last week before Santa comes down chimneys everywhere, which means we're looking at the last of the bargains before the world ends in a fiery inferno of Christmas spirit. Or people will just wake up, exchange gifts and enjoy time with their families. One of those two things is definitely going to happen this week.

If you're still planning on the latter, you might want to check out some of the deals retailers have going on in the final run to the end of the season. Target has a great price on the Guitar Hero World Tour guitars bundle. Best Buy has cut the price of their EndWar package (featuring a wireless headset) nearly in half. And Circuit City is still going out of business in a lot of places and should have games discounted up to 40% (though the pickings were fairly slim last time I visited).

Hit the jump to see all the goodies you could put under your tree this week.

Best Buy

Software Discounts

  • Guitar Hero III bundle [360] - $49.99 ($20 savings)
  • Warcraft Battle Chest [PC] - $19.99 ($20 savings)
  • World of Warcraft Battle Chest [PC] - $29.99 ($10 savings)
  • Carnival Games: Mini-Golf [Wii] - $29.99 ($10 savings)
  • NASCAR 09 [360] - $29.99 ($10 savings)
  • Need for Speed Undercover [PS3] - $34.99 ($25 savings)
  • Call of Duty: World at War [360] - $34.99 ($25 savings)
  • Star Wars Force Unleashed [360] - $34.99 ($25 savings)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV [PS3] - $37.99 ($22 savings)
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles [360/PS3] - $37.99 ($22 savings)
  • FIFA 09 [360] - $37.99 ($22 savings)
  • NHL 09 [360] - $37.99 ($22 savings)
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 [360] - $37.99 ($22 savings)
  • Madden NFL 09 [360] - $37.99 ($22 savings)
  • Guitar Hero World Tour [Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings + $10 gift card for Reward Zone members)
  • Shaun White Snowboarding [Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Star Wars: Lightsaber Duels [Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • NBA Live 09 [360] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • NCAA Football 09 [360] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Far Cry 2 [PS3] - $49.99 ($10 savings)
  • Guitar Hero Aerosmith bundle [PS3] - $49.99 ($10 savings)
  • EndWar w/ headset [360] - $49.99 ($40 savings)
  • NCAA Basketball 09 [360] - $49.99 ($10 savings)

Circuit City

(Thank you again to our friends at for supplying me with this week's deals from Circuit City)

Software Discounts

  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [360] - $44.99 ($15 savings)
  • EndWar [360/PS3] - $44.99 ($15 savings)
  • Madden NFL 09 [360/PS3] - $49.99 ($10 savings)
  • Far Cry 2 [360/PS3] - $49.99 ($10 savings)
  • Halo 3 [360] - $49.99 ($10 savings)
  • Skate City Heroes [Wii] - $19.99 ($10 savings)
  • My Fitness Coach [Wii] - $19.99 ($10 savings)
  • NCAA Football 09 All-Play [Wii] - $19.99 ($10 savings)
  • Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader [Wii] - $19.99 ($10 savings)

GameStop(Please note that GameStop's ad cycle differs from most major retailers, with ads being released on Fridays. Promotions listed here may expire Thursday night.)

Software Discounts

  • Grand Theft Auto IV [360/PS3] - $39.99 ($20 savings, ends 12/21)
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles [360/PS3] - $49.99 ($20 savings, ends 12/21)
  • Call of Duty: World at War [360/PS3] - $49.99 ($10 savings)
  • Call of Duty: World at War [PC/Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Warcraft Battle Chest [PC] - $19.99 ($20 savings)
  • World of Warcraft Battle Chest [PC] - $29.99 ($10 savings)
  • Diablo Battle Chest [PC] - $19.99 ($20 savings)
  • Mercenaries 2 [360/PS3] - $34.99 ($5 savings)
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [360] - $19.99 ($5 savings)
  • NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 [Wii] - $29.99 ($10 price drop)
  • NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 [360] - $39.99 ($10 price drop)
  • Ben 10 [PSP] - $9.99 ($10 price drop)


Software Discounts

  • Tinkerbell [DS] - $25 ($4.99  savings)
  • Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom [DS] - $25 ($4.99  savings)
  • Ultimate Band [DS] - $25 ($4.99  savings)
  • Disney's Bolt [DS] - $25 ($4.99  savings)
  • Spongebob Squarepants: Globs of Doom [DS] - $25 ($4.99  savings)
  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals [DS] - $25 ($4.99  savings)
  • Club Penguin [DS] - $25 ($4.99  savings)
  • NBA 2K9 [PS2] - $19.99 ($10 savings)
  • Spider-man Web of Shadows [PS2] - $29.99 ($10 savings)
  • Need for Speed Underground [PS2] - $29.99 ($10 savings)
  • Star Wars: Lightsaber Duels [Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Mirror's Edge [PS3/360] - $44.99 ($15 savings)
  • Wario Land: Shake It! [Wii] - $46 ($3.99 savings)
  • Guitar Hero World Tour guitar bundle (2 wireless guitars and game) [360/PS3/Wii] - $88 ($51.99 savings)
(While effort has been made to ensure accurate information, please note that major retailers produce ads on a regional basis. Your local store may have promotions that differ from those listed above. Please contact your local store to verify stock and pricing. Caveat emptor.)

Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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An avid player of tabletop and video games throughout his life, Conrad has a passion for unique design mechanics and is a nut for gaming history. He can be heard on the comedy podcast () and str... more   |   staff directory

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