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Discountoid: Ninja Gaiden 2 price-drop, Rock Band clearance, more cheap stuff!

3:02 PM on 09.28.2008 // Conrad Zimmerman

Another week, another edition of Discountoid. This time around, Ninja Gaiden 2 is seeing a permanent $20 reduction at a few retailers.

Circuit City has put their Rock Band bundles on sale to make room for the new Rock Band 2 product, so this might be a good time for you to save a little cash on some instruments if you don't mind using the older models.

Ramping up for the holiday season, GameStop is doing one of their trade-in promotions this week where every two 360, PS3 or Wii games you give them nets you an additional $10 in store credit.

And, with Silent Hill: Homecoming releasing this week, there are a few giveaways with purchase. Best Buy will inflict the horrifying (for the wrong reasons) DVD of Silent Hill with a purchase. I'm much more interested in getting my hands on the Pyramid Head keychain that Circuit City has on offer.

Hit the jump to see all the deals we scrounged up for you this week.


Accessory Discounts:

  • PS3 Bluetooth Headset pre-order - $39.96 ($10 savings, link)
  • PS3 Wireless Keypad pre-order - $39.96 ($10 savings, link)
  • PS3 Dual Shock 3 - $40.96 ($9 savings, link)

Other Promotions/Discounts

  • LEGO Batman [360] - Free with purchase of Xbox 360 Arcade console (link, via CAG
  • Rock Band 2 [360] - 1600 MS point card free with purchase (link, via Kotaku)

Best Buy

Software Discounts:

  • Ninja Gaiden 2 [360] - $39.99 ($20 price drop)
  • Socom: Tactical Strike [PSP] - $19.99 ($10 savings)
Other Discounts/Promotions:
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming [360/PS3] - Free DVD of Silent Hill with purchase.
  • Pure [360/PS3] - $10 Gift Card with purchase

Circuit City

Software Discounts:

  • Rock Band [PS2] - $129.99 ($30 savings)
  • Rock Band [360/PS3/Wii] - $139.99 ($30 savings)
  • Mercenaries 2 [PC] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Civilization 4 [PC] - $24.99 ($5 savings)
  • NCAA Football 09 All-Play [Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Big Beach Sports [Wii] - $19.99 ($10 savings)

Gift Card with Purchase Promotions:

  • Baja Edge of Control [360/PS3] - $10 Gift Card
  • Pure [PS3/360] - $10 Gift Card
  • Rock Band [360] - $20 Gift Card (online - Via CAG)
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 [360] - $20 Gift Card (online - Via CAG)
  • Madden 09 [360] - $20 Gift Card (online - Via CAG)
  • Madden 09 [PS3] - $20 Gift Card (online - Via CAG)
  • Tiger Woods 09 [360] - $20 Gift Card (online - Via CAG)
  • Tiger Woods 09 [PS3] - $20 Gift Card (online - Via CAG)

Free game or UMD with purchase of a PSP:
Choose from the following games or UMD movies 

  • Silent Hill UMD movie
  • Hot Shots: Open Tee
  • Socom: Tactical Strike

Accessory Discounts

  • Wireless Guitar for Rock Band 2 - $59.99 ($10 savings)
  • Wireless Controller for Xbox 360 - $44.99 ($5 savings)
  • Nyko Charge Base for Xbox 360 controllers - $29.99 ($5 savings)
  • Datel Edge Nunchuk for Wii - $12.99 ($2 off)

Other Discounts/Promotions:

  • Sonic Chronicles [DS] - Free DS skin with purchase
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming [360/PS3] -  Free "Pyramid Head" keychain with purchase


Fry's Electronics

Software Discounts:

  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway [360] - $52.99 ($7 savings)
  • Civilization 4 [PC] - $23.99 ($6 savings)

GameStop(Please note that GameStop's ad cycle differs from most major retailers, with ads being released on Fridays. Promotions listed here may expire Thursday night.)

Software Discounts:

  • My Weight Loss Coach [DS] - $24.99 ($15 price drop)
  • Imagine: Rock Star [DS] - $19.99 ($10 price drop)
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 [360] - $39.99 ($20 price drop)
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [360] $39.99 ($20 price drop)
Used Deal of the Week:
  • Guitar Hero [PS2] - $14.99 ($15 savings)
  • Guitar Hero 2 [PS2] - $14.99 ($10 savings)

Pre-Order Bonuses:

  • Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway [360/PC/PS3] - Unlock code for multiplayer characters
  • Fallout 3 (360/PC/PS3) - Free CD and poster
  • Golden Axe: Beast Rider (360/PS3) - Free art book
Other Discounts/Promotions:
  • Wireless Guitar for PS2 - $19.99 ($20 price drop)
  • Bonus $10 trade credit with trade-in of 2 360, PS3 or Wii games.


Software Discounts:

  • Call of Duty 4 [360/PS3] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company [360/PS3] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • LEGO Indiana Jones [360/PS3/Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings)
  • Madden 09 All-Play [Wii] - $39.99 ($10 savings)

(While effort has been made to ensure accurate information, please note that major retailers produce ads on a regional basis. Your local store may have promotions that differ from those listed above. Please contact your local store to verify stock and pricing. Caveat emptor.)

Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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An avid player of tabletop and video games throughout his life, Conrad has a passion for unique design mechanics and is a nut for gaming history. He can be heard on the comedy podcast () and str... more   |   staff directory

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