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Development on The Witness is coming along nicely

2:30 PM on 05.14.2014

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Slow and steady

There's no news on when The Witness is releasing. Designer Jonathan Blow is standing by his "when it's done" policy, which will serve us well when we finally have this exploration-puzzle game at long last. But until then, more painful waiting around. At least we've got a status update.

According to Blow, "'when it's done' is getting closer and closer." The team is working on several areas still, including design of extra content beyond the "main line" of The Witness, additional modeling and texturing, frame rate optimizations (1080p, 60 FPS is the plan), making sure graphics don't have that jarring pop-in effect when loading, and audio design.

"It's a lot of work, but we are now in the downhill stretch of the race and looking forward to tying the game up completely." So that's good. Feeling antsy, PS4 owners?

The Witness on PS4: New Development Details [PlayStation Blog]

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Jordan Devore
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