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Details for Visceral's Battlefield Hardline leaked

12:00 PM on 05.27.2014

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Reportedly for current- and last-gen platforms

Details for the next Battlefield game have leaked by way of assets found on an Electronic Arts server. The title, Battlefield Hardline, is believed to be in development at Visceral Games for current- and last-generation platforms and revolve around a SWAT-versus-thieves conflict.

There are no full-blown screenshots or anything like that, but a bunch of interesting tidbits -- modes (Blood Money, Heist), weapons, vehicles, and awards (featuring a money bag, grappling hook, and handcuffs, to name a few) -- give a general idea of what this game will be like.

"Cops vs. robbers" Battlefield? I'd maybe go for that. Two more weeks until E3 2014.

Battlefield: Hardline [Koen V]
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