*Destructoid theme song entry period extended
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Destructoid theme song entry period extended

4:38 PM on 08.09.2007  ·  William Haley

This contest has resulted in some amazingly awesome entries, and since Rock Band's release is still more than three months away, Destructoid is giving you more time to up your chances at winning the complete game set (including all peripherals) and possibly face AIDS from your inevitable groupies.
Whether you've been slacking off on your Mario Paint rendition of the original theme song or didn't know this contest even existed, now's your opportunity to spit hot fire like only the Dtoid community can.

Every two weeks an update spotlighting the latest entries will go up (please submit them as a Youtube video) and as the release of the game draws near the final deadline and additional prizes will be announced. We're still working on getting everyone a bonus coke addiction, but apparently there's some kind of legal red tape we need to cut through first...


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#Contests #Destructoid #Rock Band
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