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Destructoid's Massive Halloween Round-up

11:00 AM on 10.26.2012 // Dale North

Halloween-related game events and content

[Update: Even more Halloween content has been added!]

In the week or so before Halloween every year, game makers like to promote their wares with themed events, items, downloadable content and more. This year is no exception, with plenty of treats to hand out to the kiddies. We've rounded up every Halloween-related game event or content we could find for you in one handy list. 

If there's something we've missed or something you would like added, please let us know.

[cue coyotes howling and chains rattling]

Guild Wars 2 (NCSoft) -- You can actually go trick-or-treating in the latest update. Halloween-themed crafting recipes are available, and Tyria is decorated for the season. New items, like costumes, minis, and tonics, will be available to celebrate the season. Act Two of the Halloween event kicks off later today.

Battlefield Heroes (EA) -- Six Halloween costumes, two new pets, and eight new demonic weapons are available. One, the Doom Skull, launches flaming skulls! 

Rock of Ages PC (Atlus) -- The game has been discounted 75 percent for a limited time. A Halloween-themed update gives you a Ghost boulder avatar with neat cloth physics. You'll mow down themed enemies as well. 

Atlus-o-Weenie -- Atlus' yearly costume contest is still on-going, with plenty of really great submissions already logged. If you're not going to enter, at least go and look at the cosplay.

Pangya: Tomahawk -- The greatest golf game ever has a new Mr. Spooky hat to earn during the Halloween event. Gather candy boxes from different courses to turn them in for Halloween gear. Also, a new set of rare clubs can be earned.

Project Blackout -- Project Blackout has some new Halloween-themed items and weapons. A new map, too. 

Elsworld -- This MMO gets a Halloween-themed dungeon where enemies have pumpkin heads. Also, grim reapers can randomly appear, so watch out. Finally, a grim reaper pet is available.

Dokuro (GungHo) -- A Chalk Master Fan Art Contest ends at midnight on Halloween.  Chalk-style drawings of Dokuro, the Princess, or others could win artwork from the original creators.  Details can be found here.

League of Legends -- Elise, Hecarim, Maokai and Twisted Fate can undergo a haunted makeover. Wards will have a "spooky look" in-game. Sinister Skins, Ward Skins and Summoner Icons to welcome the Halloween season.

Indie Royale's 5-game Halloween Bundle -- Nice round-up includes the five-episode season of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, horror game Home, Pathologic, MacGuffin's Curse, and EvilQuest.

The Secret World (Funcom) -- A new storyline takes players to Stonehenge to take on the Cat God. New in-game costumes for playing dress up are also available. A server-wide competition will let you earn new costumes and pets.

Shadowland Online -- Farm pumpkin seeds in God's Continent for a chance to get pumpkin fragments. Fragments exchange for limited-time items that increase your offensive and defensive skills. 

BigHead BASH -- Halloween versions of favorites are taking over for the season in this online multiplayer deathmatch. There's Cheshire Pumpkin Head, as well as Halloween versions of Cat and Monkey. In the combat arena you'll also find four new toys.

Rift (Trion) -- An event called The Monster Mash lets players choose to become a ghost or were wolf in a supernatural conflict.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online -- A new patch pumps this shooter up with Halloween content.  Expect Halloween skins and 6 Halloween weapons,  which will only be available for a limited period. 

The Grinns Tale -- This RPG is in closed beta right now, but it's getting a bunch of Halloween goodies, like new items and decorations. A guy named Halloween Jack is packing Frankencookies. Also, monsters are dropping mystery boxes that contain pixie dust and other special items.

Crazy Fairies -- Halloween content comes by way of boss swaps that have turned the fairies into spooky ghouls. A new themed quest lets players decorate their homes for the season.

Tera -- An NPC pumpkin by the name of Gorudo wants pies in his face. Players will earn pies by killing monsters. Oh, and each pie gives a chance to win items like Halloween-themed masks. Also, in a new dungeon, players must protect baskets of candy from monsters. Do so and nab some Halloween cake, which unlocks rare items.

Steam sale -- Valve has unleashed "monster savings" on over 80 titles in their Spooky Spectacular sale.  Some of these games are 75 percent off, and many are under the $10 mark. Nice. 





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