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Destructoid Christmas contest winners!

1:57 PM on 12.25.2006  ·  Niero

So who won the console? You'll know soon enough! We have hundreds possible winners with an average of 10-20 ballots each, so I'm still cutting paper. I tried filming the prep process but it's taking so long that I'm just going to cut straight into the random drawing. The video should be up in the next 1-2 hours or so on Sony/Blizzard time. Special thanks to Fronz who helped me count the November votes!

Update #1: The person with the 500th comment in this post will get a copy of Lost Planet for the Xbox 360.  Ok! We have a winner!

Update #2: The winner of the Ninja Gaiden Sigma bloody anus caption contest is:

Paul Soth: "Attempting to duplicate his success with breast physics in Dead or Alive, Tomonobu Itagaki's experimentations with vagina physics in the latest Ninja Gaiden title ended with horrifying results."

Update #3: Here's who won the PlayStation 3 / Wii Contest !!!!

Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for reading Destructoid!


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