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Destiny's competitive multiplayer will be balanced, says Bungie

12:30 PM on 04.28.2014

Look! Actual info on Destiny's PvP!

Destiny wants players to create the exact experience they want. Your character, weapons, and gear are all customizable to fit whatever desired play style. These persistent characters you can create can be carried to any aspect of Destiny, from the story, cooperative Strikes, and competitive multiplayer.

The big question on my mind then was how exactly Bungie will balance multiplayer when everyone can have so many different variables to their loadouts.

"The sandbox team is really committed to making sure the game is balanced across the board," investment lead Tyson Green told us. "We want to be able to say find cool equipment in the game, bring it into PvP, but the game isn't broken by that. We also definitely don't want to do the thing where we just turn everything off. Where it's like you get a different character for PvP than you have for PvE. That's not exciting to us either, so that's just developing over time.

"Sage [Merrill], our sandbox lead, he likes to say a balanced game isn't one where everything is just equal, where everything is perfectly the same. A balanced game is one where not everyone is doing exactly the same thing. That's one of their valued principles, is they want everyone doing different things, trying different things, [and] for some things to be better than other things."

In the same way you can tailor your character to fit your style, you never have to participate in a muliplayer session if that's not your thing. That said, there will be items you can only get if you play multiplayer, and that applies to the cooperative Strikes too.

For more on Destiny, check out our giant first hands-on impression.

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