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Defiance developer diary explains what the game is about

8:30 PM on 08.09.2012

Brett Zeidler

Contributor and Engineer

Trion Worlds has released a new developer diary where they talk all about what makes their upcoming shooter MMO Defiance tick. Jayson shed quite a bit of light on the game at Comic-Con last month, but Trion went into the finer details here of "What is a Shooter MMO?"

The bigger points talk about the completely seamless gameplay with all three consoles being cross-platform, gunplay that works based off your skill, the fact that the game moves on even if you're not playing (making it an MMO), physics-based vehicles such as the ATV, and a whole lot more. There's also a whole lot of gameplay for Defiance for good measure, and it's really showing why this game is different from other shooters and MMOs.

I'm pretty wary of the whole tie-in with the SyFy show of the same name, but the game itself is doing a whole lot of things that have never been done before, so that's really something to get excited about. Too bad we'll have to wait until next year for this one.

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Brett Zeidler
Contributor and Engineer follow
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