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Deal North: Ocarina, GT5, DS Lite and more

1:20 PM on 06.17.2011 // Dale North

Hopefully you're already reserved Zelda: Ocarina of Time on your 3DS. Our review is coming up within the hour! If you haven't yet, you might want to go to Target as they'll give you 50% of another 3DS game with the purchase of Ocarina. Speaking of Target and the 3DS, they also have a deal where you can get a $25 gift card with purchase of Nintendo's new portable. If you want to go old school with portables, you can get a DS Lite there at the new price or $99.

Amazon always has good deals. If you're needing a new PS3 controller, they've got 'em marked down to $35.99 today. Get a 3-month Xbox Live subscription card and get 800 free Microsoft Points. And while this isn't a deal, you might want to pre-order that awesome megapack of Atlus' Catherine.

Finally, you might want to poke around NewEgg for scraps. They had a bunch of new-ish PS3 games for $16.99, but it looks like most of them are picked over. Heavy Rain, God of War III and Uncharted 2 were in the mix. A good one that's still valid is Gran Turismo 5 for only $34.99. They also have a few Kinect titles discounted this week.

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