Deadpool promotional material reveals two new characters - destructoid

Deadpool promotional material reveals two new characters

3:15 PM on 04.26.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

Mr. Sinister and Psylocke

Fresh off the news that the new Deadpool game will be launching at a cheaper pricepoint, two new characters have been revealed: Mr. Sinister, and Psylocke. As a major fan of both of them, I hope they have an interesting role to play -- maybe even more X-Men will be making a few cameos? Maybe I just want a full HD remake of one of the best games of all time: X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse?

I honestly have no idea how this game is going to turnout. I just hope it doesn't have a jokey fourth wall method of selling DLC -- I got enough of that in Dragon Age: Origins.

Deadpool [All Games Beta]


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Chris Carter
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