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Dead Space 3 hints at what's in store for series' future

10:30 PM on 02.06.2013

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

Brother moons are awake

Dead Space 3 has barely been out 24 hours, but that hasn't stopped Visceral Games from getting started on developing their next game. Designer Warren Price took to Twitter earlier today and announced that the studio is already brainstorming for their next project.

That's not an official confirmation of Dead Space 4, mind you. Visceral could very well be working on a followup to their 2010 release, Dante's Inferno, (yes please) or anything else for that matter. But what would a Dead Space sequel entail? Well, the folks at GameFront have done some detective work and discovered a cryptic Easter egg that could point to where the series is headed. 

The phrase "brother moons are awake" is hidden in the first character of Dead Space 3's chapter titles. What that means is anyone's best guess at this point, but GameFront conjectures it might have something to do with the source of the markers, which are known as Brethren Moons, or perhaps the location of the next game. Saturn has trio of brother moons: Atlas, Prometheus, and Epimetheus. Dead Space 2 took place, in part, on Titan, another one of Saturn's satellites, so a return to the sixth planet in the solar system wouldn't be out of the question.

If you are a Dead Space fanatic and have any insight as to where the series is going, feel free to share your theories below.

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