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Darksiders II Collector's Edition Unboxing

3:00 PM on 08.05.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

THQ cobbled together an extra Darksiders II Collector's Edition from bits and pieces of the dead, allowing Destructoid to show you what it looks like a little bit. I unbox it with a really inconvenient camera angle because that is the kind of thing you do on the Internet. 

I'm playing the game right now and the review will up on August 14. I think. Somewhere near there, anyway. In the meantime, watch my gammon hands play with some bullshit for your Sunday fun!

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Jim Sterling
Former Reviews Editor

9:00 AM on 05.31.2013
Darksiders II update

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Four player co-op was always the hope says former creative director
8:00 PM on 01.25.2013
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Vigil Games' art team whipped up this nifty Zelda homage
1:00 PM on 12.06.2012
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This Darksiders II 'Death & Despair' statue is turbo-boss

I want this a lot!
4:30 PM on 10.24.2012
Darksiders II update

New Darksiders II DLC will arrive in time for Halloween

No pumpkins, though
9:00 AM on 10.22.2012
Darksiders II update

Joe Mad leaves Vigil Games

Don't get mad
12:00 PM on 09.27.2012
Darksiders II update

How to play Darksiders II on Wii U, in PICTURES!

Check out the gamepad interactions in Vigil's launch port
3:30 PM on 09.19.2012
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Darksiders II 'Argul's Tomb' DLC detailed, dated

2:15 PM on 09.13.2012
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Darksiders II on Wii U will have extra content

9:15 AM on 09.09.2012
Darksiders II update

Darksiders II sells 247,000 in North America at launch

Humble start for Vigil Games' superb sequel
8:30 AM on 09.01.2012
Darksiders II update

Weird Metacritic user reviews tear Darksiders II to bits

Sleeping Dogs and Dark Souls PC also attacked

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