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Dark Souls sold more than two million copies

4:00 AM on 04.12.2013

Brett Makedonski

Associate Editor

Also, Dark Souls II for Xbox 360 will come to Japan

At a recent conference in Japan, Eiichi Nakajima, From Software's Executive Director, announced sales figures for Dark Souls. Across all platforms, the notoriously merciless game sold 2,367,000 copies.

According to Nakajima, the original release accounted for 1,675,000 of the sales, and the Artorias of the Abyss Edition made up the additional 692,000 units. Of the Artorias of the Abyss Editions sold, PC was by far the most popular version. Nakajima also acknowledged that Dark Souls II will release on Xbox 360 in Japan, whereas Dark Souls never did.

Nakajima wasn't the only one anxious to talk; the game's director was more than willing to sit down and explain to us some key components of the sequel.

Dark Souls sold 2,367,000 copies, 360 version of DSII will get Japanese release [LiveDoor, via NeoGAF]

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Brett Makedonski
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