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Crytek: Crysis Warhead our last exclusive PC game, ports will be unique

5:28 PM on 06.08.2008 // Justin Villasenor

Crytek Engine business manager Harald Seeley has confirmed in an interview with Next-Gen that the recently announced Crysis Warhead will remain a PC exclusive due to being so far along in development. All of Crytek’s future projects are still planned to be multiplatform, however, due to the developer’s problem with high piracy rates.

“Of course Warhead has been under development for quite some time, and we had no desire or intention to disappoint our loyal PC fans. So, after some careful consideration, we decided to continue our support for the PC Crysis franchise with this release. But yes, all new franchises we develop in the future will be created with a cross platform strategy in mind.”

Seeing as Crytek is so concerned with piracy, it stands to reason that they might decide to go overboard with DRM, but thankfully Seeley reveals that this might not be the case.

“While we are certainly very concerned about piracy and copy protection, we are also concerned about the potential opposite problem, that of inconveniencing legitimate buyers with newer measures that interfere too greatly with their enjoyment of the product. So we are carefully considering all possible options here, however we are not yet at a stage where we have made a final decision.“

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It’s good to see a developer realize that adding intrusive DRM really does nothing but tick off the Internet at large and make consumers that bought the game feel rightfully inconvenienced. Not to mentioned the hackers it spurns on who erroneously see their actions as some sort of righteous endeavor against “the man.”

Seeley goes on to say that these ports will include “something unique on each platform and will be carefully tuned to both the capabilities and strengths of that platform, as well as the intended audience.” Hopefully these “unique” additions are something a bit more creative than shoehorned SIXAXIS controls for PS3 versions and genuinely add something worthwhile to each version. Or would you even care about getting something minor like a suit of armor so long as the game itself is plenty fun?

Finally, Seeley mentions that the CryENGINE 2 has been made more scalable as a result of having to optimize for consoles, meaning it should run better on all levels of hardware. Good news for people that haven’t updated their systems recently.

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