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Critique a notebook design, win The Beatles: Rock Band

11:00 PM on 05.08.2009·  2 minute read   ·  Niero

Somebody smart once said that something to the effect of "the interface is your product". I think this is how Apple gets away with overpricing their low-powered computer line (and they deserve every penny for getting it right). This is why last-gen graphics on the Wii are outselling consoles with twice the juice. The interface is welcoming. It's fun. It makes you want to dress up in bright clothes and open your windows and invite over only friends that have their acne and hair under control. But I digress.

I brought up this conversation with the Dtoid team to help me with my Asus project where, once every two weeks, I try to make gaming notebooks suck less by inviting gamers to talk about stuff they might want.  This week I gathered up a series of photos from their recent computers (see gallery below) and asked everyone to give me a 1-3 word critique on what they saw.  Here's what they said:

Joseph: Expensive. Aesthetic.
Tron:  Woodgrain? Really?
Matthew: Shiny, high-end.
Brian: Cool, but busy.
Brad: Sleek.
Jonathan: Bumblebee! Nice.
Anthony: Facepalm.
Hamza:  I’m a computa.
Colette:  Modern, sleek.
Scott:  Masculine.
Rey: Tacky.

To each his own.  So, about that contest! Win a copy of The Beatles: Rock Band (game only, any platform) just by telling these PC designers what you think of their products.  Here's how to register to win: Create an account on WePC.com with a username that reads Dtoid_YourName and place a brief design critique comment on this post (not on Dtoid).  Example: "Dtoid_Niero - This is tits." You can only post once, and all countries/regions are eligible to win. A random winner will be selected next Friday and prizes ship whenever the game goes gold.  Good luck and thanks for sharing!


Photo Gallery

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