*Contest: Win a four-day pass to PAX Prime!
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Contest: Win a four-day pass to PAX Prime!

1:30 PM on 08.02.2013  ·  mrandydixon@mrandydixon

Three weekend passes up for grabs

[Update: Contest over! Winners are Rackdar, ooktar, and Albatross!]

To help celebrate the impending launch of their badass brawler Charlie Murder, our friends at Ska Studios have given us three four-day passes to PAX Prime to hand out to the Destructoid community!

For a chance at one of these highly sought after badges, you need to create your own fictional band for the Charlie Murder-verse. Think up a cool name for the band, pick a style, tell us the band members' names and instruments, and give us the title of their first hit single. Here's an example:

  • Band name: Randy and the Banana Hammocks
  • Genre: Southern Gospel
  • Members:
    • Lead vocals - Randy Manload
    • Lead guitar - Joe "Posh Spice" Nastybottom
    • Rhythm guitar - Slug
    • Bass, backing vocals - Dick Cheney
    • Drums - Occams Electric Toothbrush
  • Hit single: "Please Get Your Dog Out Of My Mailbox (I Love You, Jesus)"

You get the idea. You have until next Friday, August 2 at 11:59 PM Pacific to enter, and the contest is open to anyone who can make the trek to Seattle this Labor Day weekend. (Contest does not cover travel expenses.) Limit one entry per person.

Good luck, and have fun!


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