*Contest Updates! Win a Mirror's Edge notebook for looking funny
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Contest Updates! Win a Mirror's Edge notebook for looking funny

5:20 PM on 03.18.2009  ·  Niero

First of all, congratulations to last week's WePC winners (they scored a new game of their choice).  The winners were randomly selected but I still wanted to point out the ideas they shared on how gaming might work on a dual-screen touch-sensitive notebook similar to a giant Nintendo DS:

Dtoid_Shaa Zaaam - Face-to-face checkers using a combination web cam and camera
Dtoid_Randios187 - Black and White 2 using a touch interface for mapping and moving
Dtoid_Fancypants - Imagine a table-top style defend your castle game using touch movement

You can check out more ideas and get involved in making this experimental system not suck on WePC.com.

Ok, now onto new prizes!  We have five copies of Mirror's Edge, an Nvidia graphics card, and an incredibly sexy Mirror's Edge custom gaming PC valued at $2700 to give away.  To enter to win all you have to do is snap a photo of yourself with a sign.  The odds of winning are currently 1:300 right now -- which is very good since the contest ends in 48 hours. Get on that shit and win this thing, people!  Here's all the rules and what-not.

Good luck, and thanks for reading us!




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